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Treat all Govt. employees same: CANSSEA

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‘Revisit OM on qualifying years of service for promotions’

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 10: The Confederation of All Nagaland State Services Employees’ Association (CANSSEA) has urged the State Government to revisit OM.NO.AR-3/GEN-174/2007 (pt) Dated 5th April 2021 that gives relief to Heads of Departments for officiating promotion on completion of 6 months, saying it is discriminatory.

In a representation to Chief Secretary, Nagaland, CANSSEA said the Association along with the Nagaland Secretariat Service Association (NSSA), Nagaland Finance and Accounts Services Association (NF&ASA and Federation of Nagaland State Engineers Services Association (FONSESA) had earlier on August 3, 2019, submitted a 2-point charter of demands seeking revocation of OM.NO.AR-3/GEN-174/2007 (pt) Dated 20th June 2019 and review/modification of OM No.AR-1/8/88 Dated 19th January 2018.
Consequently the Government came out with Amendment policy for relaxation of qualifying years of service for promotions vide Om.NO.AR-3/GEN-174/2007 (pt) Dated 29th August 2019 allowing officiating promotions with a cumulative 20 years of service rendered with a minimum of 1 year in the immediate lower rank and subsequent promotions may be granted after serving 6 months subject to clearance from the P&AR Department.
The Addendum in the same file Dated 5th April 2021 had given relief to the Heads of Departments for officiating promotions on completion of 6 months, subject to prior clearance from the P&AR Department, said the representation.
CANSSEA claimed that the Government had given relief to the HoDs without giving due consideration to the serious inevitable hierarchical gaps already appearing in various Departments as a fall out of the above OM.
“Moreover, employees who enter service as Grade III staff and whose career will be Class II gazette posts, will demit office without getting promotion even though vacancies are available, for want of the 1 year mandatory service at the immediate lower rank, save, the HoDs. Compounded by the retirement with 35 years of service, wherein, Departments recruit several employees in a single day and therefore, will retire together the same day, hugely affecting the entire departmental setup”, it said.

In view of this, CANSSEA requested the Government to re-look into the OM dated 5th Arpil 2021, which it said is discriminatory to the employees with complete stoppage of upward mobility in service with no career progression, detrimental in manpower management, leading to massive stagnation, as promotion being denied to the higher available vacancies for want of one year mandatory service at the lower cadre.
The Association appealed to the Chief Secretary to revisit the 5th April, 2021 OM and treat all Government employees with the same yardstick.
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