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Transfer Chingmei Range from Noklak to Tuensang HQ: Chang orgs

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Dimapur, July 1: The Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS), the Chang Tribal Council, has made a final appeal to the Government of Nagaland to transfer Chingmei Range (6 Chang villages) administrative circle from Noklak to Tuensang HQ before July 10 next.
Noklak was declared the 12th District of Nagaland on December 21, 2017. Noklak sub-division as currently recorded consists of 5 talukas (administrative circles) namely Thonoknyu, Nokhu, Pathso and Chingmei. However, the CKS and CRPO had appealed for shifting of Chingmei Range from Noklak to Tuensang HQ since the proposal of Noklak District in 2009.
In an appeal letter to Chief Minister of Nagaland, the CKS, CRPO and CCSU said it has been appealing to the State Government since 2009 for shifting the administrative circle of Chingmei Range from the proposed Noklak District to Tuensang HQ. “However even after 11 years of incessant appeals the government has not initiated even a single talk regarding the plea made by the same till date in the cabinet meetings. It is apparent that the government is so keen on enslaving the six Chang villages i.e Chingmei Range to Noklak HQ ignoring the outcry of the said villages,” it said.
Alleging that the Government “has crushed the democratic values by dragging us to somewhere unwanted,” the letter wanted to know the position of Chingmei Range now that the State Government has decided to upgrade Noklak ADC to DC HQ.
“Since the ancient boundary (14km between Chingmei and Noklak) is legitimate and since the government is upgrading the ADC post of Noklak to DC and SP equivalent post is designated as per cabinet minutes 3, Clause 3 dated 23rd June 2020 why is the government not producing an order for Chingmei Range to be under Tuensang HQ. This clearly indicates that the decision made by the government is just for Noklak upgradation keeping aside the interest of the Chingmei range,” it stated.
Referring to the Agenda No.3 Clause 1, dated the 23rd June 2020, the letter said the Home Department was given clear instruction to give notification in regard to the boundary between Chingmei village and Noklak village basing on the agreement made between Chingmei village and Noklak village at 14 kms (Noklak-Tuensang main road). In this connection, it said the operation of Census should also be done accordingly, failing which the Census operation will not be allowed in the six Chang villages under Chingmei Range.
The letter demanded the Government to produce a concrete order regarding the transfer of the Range to Tuensang HQ before July 10, which should be produced before the up-gradation of ADC Noklak to DC and appropriation of SP office from Tuensang to Noklak.
Any failure by the Government shall be protested by the CKS within its jurisdiction; it said and warned that the Government will be held accountable for any adverse incidents that may arise as a result. (Page News Service)