Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Training programme on Millet held at Kingniu village


Dimapur, April 14: In a bid to promote sustainable agricultural practices and revive indigenous grains, a launching and training program on Millet was held at Kingniu Village, Noklak district. The event, organized by the Chingthur Foundation (CF) and sponsored by NABARD, aimed to educate and train farmers on the cultivation and benefits of Millet.
The program commenced with an opening prayer by Pesha, followed by a welcome address and awareness session on the goodness of Millet by Rev. Dingshungngamang Kamei, the Executive Director of Chingthur Foundation. Participants were enlightened about the nutritional benefits and ecological advantages of Millet cultivation.
Lungaithui Malangmei, Program Manager at Chingthur Foundation, conducted Session II on Soil Management and Millet Production, emphasizing sustainable farming practices. Session III, focused on Bookkeeping and Accountancy, was led by Pesha Khiamngan, the Assistant Registrar of NECU, guiding farmers on financial management in agriculture.
The final session, led by Akeina Gonmei, Chairman of Chingthur Foundation, and Development Secretary RBCA, focused on Discussion and Formation of User Groups. This session aimed to encourage collaborative efforts among farmers for enhanced productivity and mutual support. The program concluded with a prayer by the local Pastor, Chelio.
The training saw enthusiastic participation from 119 millet growers, who engaged in lively interactions and discussions. The event concluded successfully, with participants equipped with knowledge and skills to revive Millet cultivation in Kingniu Village, contributing to sustainable agriculture and economic development in the region.
Chingthur Foundation is a non-profit development organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development and empowering communities in Nagaland and beyond. Through various initiatives and projects, the foundation strives to improve livelihoods, preserve indigenous knowledge, and foster holistic growth in the region.
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