Monday, May 17, 2021

Training on ethnic & value for Public Governance underway

Dimapur, July 23: A 3-day training program began with the topic ‘Ethnic and Values for Public Governance’ at Administrative Training Institute (ATI) today.
Principal Secretary P&AR, Abhijit Sinha IAS delivering the keynote address said that ethics and values aspects are very important for all government servants and that every important decision taken should be guided by it. He encouraged the trainees and officers to inculcate ethical values in their everyday decision making so that it will benefit the people at large.
He further challenged the trainees to concentrate more on ethics and values while discharging their duties as a government servant. Sinha reminded the trainees to reflect and ponder on their career, expectation and achievements as to how far they have come as government servants and also to set certain goals to bring some change in the society. He further hopes that the training will help them to instill the importance of ethics and values in their personal as well as their professional aspect.
Human Resource Consultant, Kiran Gandhi in his short speech said that the training would be different from the other trainings, as it would be related more about the trainee themselves than the post they hold. He added that the training was to let the trainees rediscover their real self and let them get in touch with the challenges and dreams of life by encouraging them to reflect on these challenges.
Gandhi also said the training was to let the trainees find their skills and gifts so that they can give a unique contribution to the people they serve, he also encouraged them to listen to their inner voice which is the guiding post of a person so that they live a meaningful life.
Additional Director, Angelina Tajen said that Chief Secretary, Temjen Toy realizing the need for training in these aspects had initiated the three day training program for NCS, NSS and NPS officers. She also said that if the training is successful then such training will be introduced into the curriculum for training of the civil service probationers. She further informed that this particular training will be of different kind and more activity oriented. Department of Personal & Training (DOPT) has approved the training program as a mid career service program for all India service and added that states like Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Assam and Madhya Pradesh have already adopted it for the state civil service and included the program into the curriculum for induction training of the probationers.
Discovering the ‘knowing vs living’ ethics gap, oils for tracking one’s ethics, the circle of concern & circle of influence, excellence in service delivery & role of ethics, stepping into the shoes of a common man- how does he view government?, a leadership game, a vision for Nagaland are the various topic for the training program. The resource persons for the training program are Kiran Gandhi, Goera Sangma, Miranda Das and Nikita Iralu and 17 trainees are part of the three day in house training program.
(Page News Service)