Saturday, May 8, 2021

Training on ethics & values for public governance concludes

Dimapur, July 25: The 3- day long training program for NCS, NPS and NSS on ethics & values for public governance concluded at ATI Kohima on July 25.
Commissioner Nagaland, M Patton IAS in his closing remarked said that government servants should not be deviated from their assigned jobs and must recommit keeping in mind the ethics and values in decision making.
He also commented that one must be honest and become a productive member of the society in order to maintain peace and tranquility in the society. Patton also highlighted about redundancy and non-performing in various departments which has become an important issue and need to be pondered upon. He also said that a government servant must be guided by ethics and values while taking important decisions and bring transparency and justice to public service. He also highlighted the importance of RTI and effects of social media which sometimes goes beyond ethics of governance.
Niketu Iralu speaking on the topic ‘a vision for Nagaland ‘said that naga’s must come together to work for the good of everybody. He commented that Nagaland is still a very young society and Nagas must identify and appreciate what we have achieved and learn to build on the achievements as a young society.
“The decisions and choices you will make in your fields of leadership will decide the quality of the society our people will inherit,” remarked Niketu. He also reminded the participants that they are new breed of Nagas society and with their right vision, commitments and passion will began to bring the much need change in our society.
The 3-day training program for officers aimed at reconciling differing values and developing a shared perspective for a just and fair society where each person is valued and treated with dignity and it as a tool for the fulfilment of our purposes. The participants experienced the significance of inner reflection, group discussions, activities, song/ films through reflective and participative approach. Commissioner Nagaland Motsuthung Patton IAS gave away certificate of participation to all the trainees. (Page News Service)