Training-cum-workshop for Prosecution Officers held


From left: Imtiakum (DLR), Chuba Ozukum (AO), K.T. Koza (Secretary), Partha Pratim Baruah (PP Gauhati High Court), Makhan Pukhan (Addl.PP Gauhati High Court) , Wekou Mero (ALR)

Dimapur, February 15: Secretary, Justice & Law, Khanrinla T Koza today said in legal profession there is always a constant need to learn as there are many laws that are evolving because of amendments, due to changes in the society, bringing it with new policies, new laws and new offences.
Delivering the keynote address at the Training-cum-workshop for Prosecution Officers, Koza said in any profession as also in the legal profession, there is always a requirement to learn and work under a senior who can guide and give a clear interpretation and understanding of the laws.
She encouraged the juniors to respect and to be humble to take the help and guidance of the seniors. She also requested the seniors to share their knowledge and experience with the juniors. “Don’t wait to be consulted-take the initiative and give good advice and assistance,” she told them.
She also encouraged fraternity amongst the officers and an attitude of extending helping hand and support to one another.
She reiterated that as and when called to undergo training, treat it as mandatory except under special circumstances because these training are for their own benefit to equip them better in their work.
She also informed that the next batch of officers would be nominated as and when the Department receives the invitation from the various training centres and Academy.
The two-day training was held at Law Department Rest House, Dimapur.
(Page News Service)