‘Trailblazer’, a biography of T Imdong Phom released


Rev. Dr. Anjo Keikung with T. Imdong Phom & his wife, Akala during the release of Trailblazer, a biography of T. Imdong Phom

Dimapur, November 26: “Trailblazer”, a biography of T. Imdong Phom, written by Imti Longchar & Talilula and published by PenThrill Publication House was released on Sunday evening at Hotel Vivor, Kohima. The book was released by Rev. Dr. Anjo Keikung, a very close associate of T. Imdong Phom who remarked how beautiful it is “if we remember and learn from each other while we are still alive” while referring to the many trailblazing accomplishments that T. Imdong Phom has made in his lifetime and is still contributing to the society at the age of ninety.
He said that the launch of the biography is a time to reflect on our own lives and draw something from his life. He also expressed hope that the future generation will draw inspiration from his life and added that the works he has done will remain in the future.
In his speech, T Imdong Phom said it is an emotional day for him and meanwhile thanked his beloved wife Akala, who stood by his side through thick and thin. He expressed his sincere gratitude to his biographers Imti Longchar & Talilula who painstakingly and patiently listened to all his ramblings, enabling him to share his story with the people through this book.
Delivering the author talk, Talilula said that Imdong’s biography captures many significant historical moments of the Naga collective from the early days of Christian proselytization, the advent of education, the Second World War, the rise of Naga nationalism, Indian independence, Naga statehood to the growing modernization of Naga society. His story also sheds light on the lesser known facets of the Phom community; their history, culture and traditions while on the personal front, his journey in life is one that speaks of true grit, perseverance and passion.
The Authors’ preface of the book also highlighted that “Imdong’s life is an inspiring story of trailblazing accomplishments, one that would surely leave a deep impression on the readers. Littered with anecdotes of his misadventures at school, his stint with the NNC and his experiences traveling through different parts of the state, his story gives an interesting commentary on the events that were current during his time. This biography is more than one man’s story, it also includes significant historical moments of the Phom community and the Nagas as well. We hope that the readers will find this biography as interesting to read as it was for us to write.”
MLA Tamlu A/C, B S Nganlang spoke about his association with Imdong where he cited some important things he has learnt or witnessed in their relationship. He described him as hardworking and determined, because of which, he said he could do so many things especially for the Phom community. He thanked the authors and the publisher for the well documented book which, he added, will be very useful for the Nagas. “This book will form a very important document even for the generations to come” he said. Also stating that his entire life, he has contributed to the society, he said the blessings can be seen in the form of his children and grandchildren who are all doing very well.
Highlights of the book launch included bible reading & prayer by Chenlen, Women Pastor, Kohima Phom Baptist Church, publisher’s note by Vish­ü Rita Krocha, special song by Meyidemla (granddauther), and “Thank You” by Dr. Anungla Imdong (daughter). The event was chaired by his son-in-law, B. Henok Buchem.
(Page News Service)