Traffic jam brings Dimapur to a halt

Traffic jam brings Dimapur to a halt

Dimapur, May 15: More than a kilometer long traffic jam on opposite side of the old over bridge near the DDSC Stadium (Hotel Tragopan Junction) here brought the entire city to a halt for hours on Tuesday in Dimapur. The traffic jam was eased at around 7:30 pm in the evening.
Thousands of motorists were stuck on the roads in various parts of the city, after a construction company undertaking renovation works along the Old Over Bridge-Burma Camp-New Dhansiri Bridge route literally took over one of the main road connectivity in the town, reportedly without any prior information or taking due clearance from the district authority to close one lane in the two lane road over bridge for renovation works bringing traffic to a standstill. The construction company was cutting the road with a JCB in the old over bridge that caused the jam.
Serpentine traffic jams were seen along City Tower-Kher Mahal-Old Over Bridge; Purana Bazaar-Burma Camp- Old Over Bridge; Railway Station- Old Over Bridge; Eros Lane- Old Over Bridge; Golaghat Road- Old Over Bridge and Friends Hall-Kher Mahal route. The traffic snarls along these routes also created jams in most parts of the city bringing the town to a complete halt. A traffic accident in the Burma Camp traffic point added more confusion to an already out of control situation.
School students were the most affected by Tuesday’s unprecedented traffic jams as they had to sweat it out inside their school bus or vehicles for hours, hungry and totally spent.
The ineptness of the district authority was also glaring. If the construction company had not taken prior clearance from the district authority to shut down one lane in the over bridge for road works, why did the administration not immediately stop the company from continuing with the work when it was clear that their work was hindering flow of traffic in the town and causing immense discomfort to commuters? Or if the company had given prior information to the authority, why did the administration not issue advisory to the public beforehand about possibility of traffic snarl along the route where the work was being carried out? In both cases, the administration was found wanting.
Apparently the kushi-kushi culture infesting the State’s corridor of power seems to have rubbed on to those undertaking all kind of works in Nagaland, including road construction. The authorities here appears to be unaware that giving work orders for renovation does not necessarily mean handing over the whole road to the contractors to do as they please.
When contacted, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Jatila Jamir told Nagaland Page that the construction company had not taken prior clearance from the authorities in Dimapur for taking up road cutting works in the old over bridge area.
“No such communication was made to us. We would have immediately not entertained such request in the peak hours of the day,” she told Nagaland Page.
Jatila was also of the opinion that the construction company could have taken up the work during early morning hours or in the evening hours so that commuters are not unnecessarily inconvenienced.
“The way they executed the work today, it was not at all pleasing,” she stated. “It was rather willful and we will not allow any such type of incidents to happen which affects the public at large,” she said adding the traffic police will not tolerate any individuals or construction companies surpassing traffic rules and regulations.
Jatila informed that after easing the traffic she rushed to the engineer of the construction company in the evening hours to their office located near Nagarjan, and when inquired why the work started without informing the traffic police “the engineer was speechless.”
The entire traffic in the town halted for hours because of the willful working methods of the construction company, she lamented.
She also informed that the whole day she was in the field with her officers and staffs manning the traffic at the over bridge point and it was “a most difficult day.” “We will issue notice to all construction companies. It is much needed,” she assured.
Meanwhile with only half of road cutting works on one stretch completed today, more such traffic jams are expected as and when the construction company has a mind to undertake works on the remaining portion of the old fly over. It is hoped that the district administration for once will be wide awake and assert their authority in the interest of the citizen of Dimapur. (Page News Service)