Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Traders to defy any diktats to down shutters in Dimapur


Shops to open on Sundays after 12 Noon

Dimapur, June 22: The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on Saturday resolved that henceforth the business community will not heed to diktats from different organizations to shut down shops, while also deciding that the complete bandh on Sundays will be reverted to the earlier arrangement of keeping shops closed on Sundays till 12 noon only.
The resolutions were accepted with loud agreements by members of the business community of the district here at Durga Mandir, Millennium Market, Dimapur where the DCCI held its first general meeting.
The DCCI resolved that unless it is a Government administrative order or official directives from the DCCI, Dimapur business community will under no circumstances put its shutters down for bandhs called by any organization, association or union.
Any business establishment violating the resolution will be penalized Rs 5000, it resolved.
In the meeting that lasted more than 2 hours and during which time all the shops and business establishments remained closed, the DCCI also resolved that the business community will not entertain any form of illegal collection by NGOs and students’ bodies either in terms of monetary or through sale of calendar, lottery and tickets. Any business establishment found violating this resolution will be subjected to action deemed fit by DCCI.
The meeting resolved that the Sunday closure will henceforth be lifted after 12 noon on medical stores, hotels, lodging, tours and travels, petrol pumps, confectionaries, all perishable items (vegetables, fruits & fishes), groceries, gas stations and saloons.
In this connection, it further resolved that if any organization is found issuing such orders or found imposing forceful closure, which is against the interest of the business community and consumers, the business community will declare “non-corporation in all forms” to those individual(s) and organization(s).
The DCCI further resolved that no individual or organization will be allowed to raid for goods past expiry date and MRP inside shops and gowdowns.
If any individual or organizations have any grievances the matter should be reported to the appropriate authority and action be initiated in a legal manner. In this connection the house resolved that self style individual or organization is found collecting such tax or penalty, the business community will file FIRs against those individuals or organizations.
The house unanimously resolved that all the business establishment registers with DCCI in a time bound manner.
Earlier, Akashe Zhimomi, President of DCCI, directed the traders not to let others forced them to close their shops as this cannot go on forever. If there is something that justifies the need for a bandh, the DCCI will first analyze the case, explore other feasible options, and then only will inform the people through the media, and therefore traders must not decide to shut down business if they receive a WhatsApp message from someone about a bandh, he said.
He said while the business community in Dimapur is suffering, the businessmen also have their share of faults as they just let anyone barge in and inspect the shop in moments of panic and this must stop.
He, however, mentioned that the shopkeepers must be ethical in their practices and must not sell commodities past expiry dates or not suitable for use or consumption.
Chairman of Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNCCI), Dr. Khekhuga Muru, who is also a member of DCCI, said the Government, NGOs, and others think of the business community in the state as the solutions to all their problems and that is why the community is facing harassments, attacks, abuses, and even getting killed and this cannot go on forever as they are running shops for their own well-being.
He said it is time for all businesspersons to stand up for their rights and give their support to DCCI to make it strong and reminded that if they think things are not going off limit, it is because of the DCCI which has been functioning quietly all these times.
DCCI Advisor, Dennis Yepthomi shared similar sentiments and said if the business owners give support to DCCI, the chamber will be able to solve their problems. Stating that he has nothing against students, NGOs, or churches, he said before traders pay donation or anything to some groups or individuals, they must inform the DCCI. “You may get harassed at times for not obeying their diktats, but we need to put up a fight,” he said.
Commenting on the closure of shops on Sundays, he said that most people go to Assam to buy things on Sundays and for a few hours the money that should belong to the people of Nagaland goes to the state of Assam.
Another DCCI Advisor, Basu Damani said the issue that the businessmen face in Dimapur are different from the issues that the business owners face in other parts of the country and despite paying taxes and all sorts of payments, they are seen as thieves and there is no sense of security. He added that it is the businessmen of a place that attracts investors from other parts and if the business scenario remains such, the highly educated but equally frustrated youths will continue to suffer.
DCCI Secretary, Chandu Agarwal asked the business owners to be ethical and make sure to pay taxes to the State they are doing business in and not to some other states and they should let the DCCI know if any business owner or company refuses to deal with them just because they do business in the State.
He asked them to keep their shops open till 7:30 pm in summer and till 7 pm in winter and if they face problems from miscreants, police, DCCI or other appropriate bodies must be reached.
The meeting was attended by hundreds of businessmen and many shared their grievances and suggestions. (Page News Service)