Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Trade body opposes transfer of DC Dimapur

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Dimapur, July 30: The State Government on Thursday transferred Dimapur Deputy Commissioner, Anoop Khinchi IAS and posted him as additional secretary in Water Resources department. Rajesh Soundararajan will take over as the new DC of Dimapur District.

Meanwhile,The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) has expressed shock and outrage at the transfer of incumbent Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, and questioned the logic behind the abrupt transfer at a time when the State Government and all sections of society are all out engaged in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, relegating all other activities and issues to the background.
“What is the motive of the government in transferring the head of the district at a time when Dimapur is gripped with worst fears of the disease reaching geometrical proportion,” asked DCCI president Akashe K Zhimomi.
The DCCI said since the beginning of the pandemic alert in Dimapur, the incumbent DC as head of DTF has had several coordination meetings with tribal hohos, civil societies, NGOs, student bodies and discussed strategies and measures on how to collectively tackle the pandemic. In the past couple of months he worked almost 24×7, right from monitoring the relief measures, reception of the returnees, visiting all quarantine centres, etc. The incumbent DC is now well versed with the ground reality, it said.
Stating that it is not against a new DC but at this point when Dimapur is in the middle of a deep crisis, a change of guard would prove suicidal and disastrous, the DCCI maintained that a new DC has to start all over again: meeting and getting acquainted with different tribal hohos, civil societies and other stakeholders and reviewing the strategies and logistics.
At the present juncture, Dimapur and its citizens cannot afford to lose precious time adjusting to bureaucratic reshuffles when lives are at stake, it said.
Alleging that the transfer notification smacks of vested interests and highlights the step-motherly treatment of the State Government to the citizens of Dimapur, the DCCI asked, “Why is the DC being transferred when he has not completed even 9 months in office? Was it not a step-motherly treatment of Dimapurians when some nine months back the government transferred both the deputy commissioner and commissioner of police of the district on the same day?”
Stating that such whimsical transfer of Government officials without taking into confidence the people of the district should not be the norm, the DCCI while iterating strong opposition to the transfer order urged the Government to put on hold the order till such time Dimapur returns to normalcy. (Page News Service)