Sunday, December 3, 2023

TR Zeliang’s campaign kicks-off at Jalukie


JALUKIE, FEBRUARY 13: UDA Chairman and the sitting MLA from 7-Peren A/C, TR Zeliang, on Sunday called the last 5 years a loss for the people of Peren as he remained in opposition despite winning on the NPF ticket, while Iherie Ndang, who had contested against him on the NDPP ticket, lost, and yet NDPP stayed in the ruling. He, therefore, stated that voting for independent candidates and other candidates would be of no value to the people of Peren.
Kicking off his campaign here at Government Hr. Secondary School ground, Jalukie, as an NDPP candidate this time, Zeliang said that mathematically, NDPP is set to win more than 30 seats and BJP more than 10 seats, and therefore, there would be no importance of independent candidates and other parties this time unlike the last election, and suggested that it would be a loss for the people of Peren if someone is sent to the Assembly who would not be a part of the ruling government.
He stated that he was not satisfied with what he could accomplish in the opposition and believed that this time, with the NDPP and BJP forming the government, he could make up for the last five years and stressed upon the need for being in the ruling government to bring about change and development in the constituency.
Talking about the lack of institutes like ITI and Polytechnic College in Peren unlike other districts, he promised to work towards realizing the dreams of the people if he is elected. He said that one may have vision, but if that person is not in the ruling, the vision remains dreams and there cannot be developments.
He mentioned that the contest in the previous election was between him and Iherie, but this time, both of them have come together for the betterment of the district. He also stressed the importance of voting, asking the people to leave all their other work on February 27 and cast their vote, and added that his coming together with the NDPP was for two reasons – for the Naga solution and a stable state government.
Iherie Ndang, who had contested against Zeliang in the last election and is not contesting this time, said that he and Zeliang came together for the interest of the district and stated that he was advised by the elders to do so, which led him to make the big decision to support Zeliang.
Commenting on the developmental works carried out by Zeliang in the district, he urged the people to understand that Zeliang was the CM of the State during a political turmoil and then was in the opposition.
Sharing his vision for the State, Ndang said that there are smaller areas with smaller population than Jalukie that have been declared districts and urged Zeliang to see that Jalukie is made a district, making it the 17th in the State.
The event also addressed by former MLA from Manipur Francis Ngajokpa, former president of Zeliangrong Baudi CR Zeliang, Retd. Principal of District Judge Geulia Ramlia, Kelei Zeliang, IAS (Retd.), and Senior Vice President (Central NDPP) Charlie Sekhose among others.
All of them, in their respective addresses, hailed Zeliang as a tall leader and predicted a majority for the NDPP-BJP alliance.
(Page News Service)