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TR Zeliang exhorts 24th AMN general conference

Azsu Amn 24th General Conference Underway

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 27: Former Chief Minister and Chairman, UDA, TR Zeliang said that Naga are eagerly waiting for a solution to the long Naga political issue and are hopeful that it would arrive sooner than later.
Speaking at the 2nd day of the 24th General Conference of All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AMN), which began at Beisumpuikam village, Peren, Zeliang said once both the negotiating parties arrive at a logical conclusion, it is important for our people, to have a written and recorded customary laws, practices and traditions.
“Our traditional practices and customs are unique amongst the Nagas. The folk songs and dances are admired and loved by many people. But if we do not preserve and have it in written form, I am afraid that it may have a diminishing return”, he said.
“If we have written customary laws and practices, some of it could very well be adopted by others and incorporated in the Naga Basic law (Yehzabo) in the event of Nagas attaining a solution”, he further said.
TR Zeliang expressed delight at seeing “our three brothers shoulder to shoulder and coming together to uplift our people” and stressed on unity and self-determination as well as preserving history.
Zeliang said the seeds of unity and self-determination sown by brave leaders like Haipou Jadonang should be respected, honoured and spread across the length and breadth of Zeliangrong inhabited land.
“Others may try to dilute our history but we the Zeliangrong people should uphold our own history and handed down to next generation. People may die and cease to exist but history will live forever”, he said.
Zeliang stated that Haipou Jadonang and Rani Gaidinliu had great vision for Zeliangrong people to live under one administrative roof as free people. He said younger generation need to understand that he was hanged, not because he was a Heraka or a non-Christian as others try to portray but because of his movement for the Zeliangrong welfare.
“At present, particularly in Nagaland, most of our people are now converted to Christianity and there is hardly any Heraka population or those who practice Animism (Renet). However, our faith in religion should not be mixed up with our political history and bring confusion. A tribe without its history can be termed as a lost tribe. So let us understand the significance of preserving our history for the benefit of our tribe,” he said.
Stating that at present, territorial integration is not feasible, Zeliang however said emotional integration is not bound by any laws and no one can stop us from having it. “So it is for each one of us, to look out for the other as brothers and connect with each other at an emotional level with the hope that one day, the dream of our legendary leaders will be transformed into a reality,” he added.
Addressing the student leaders, the UDA Chairman said they have a huge role to play in building and uplifting the society. He urged upon them to remain steadfast in their desire to uplift the people. He further urged the people to wake up from slumber and move ahead with new vigour and renewed commitment to take the people forward in the right direction.
He said the student community and the youths, who are the leaders of tomorrow, should actively participate in important decision taken and that they should be vocal for unity.
“We should have a sincere and genuine emotional integration wherever and in whichever State we are living. If we learn to unite and be with each other in good times as well as bad, our people will be a formidable force to be reckoned with amongst the Nagas”, he further said.
He urged the young boys and girls, who are still pursuing studies in various institutions, to be sincere in their studies and aim to excel. He said, “We are in an age where there is tough competition in every sector and only those who excel can achieve something in life”, adding “employment in the Government sector is saturated and everyone cannot be accommodated in Government job, so it is the lookout of every individual to explore other avenues for sustenance.”
Exhortation speeches were delivered by President, Zeliangrong Mothers Organisation (ZMO-N) and Advisor, ZB (AMN), presidential address was delivered by President, AZSU (AMN), Henry Chawang, while NSF, President shared the solidarity speech.
The 24th General Conference will end on September 28 with Naga Hoho, General Secretary, K Elu Ndang as Guest of Honour.
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