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Tovihoto inaugurates RCN Guest House

Tovihoto Rongmei guest house

Dimapur, February 28: Advisor for Power, H Tovihoto Ayemi today inaugurated the Rongmei Council Nagaland (RCN) Guest House at Chungaizaeng, Rongmei Colony, Burma Camp, Dimapur. The guest house was constructed under LADP Iconic Project 2021-22.
Gracing the occasion as the special guest, Tovihoto said construction and inauguration of the guest house was an achievement which was possible because of the participation and cooperation of the Rongmei community members and it would be of great benefit to the people especially for the travellers if it is utilised purposefully.
Lauding the leadership of Chief Minister, Tovihoto eloquently stated under the abled and visionary leadership of Neiphiu Rio, the UDA government has initiated lots of new policies and programmes for the benefit of the people and an enhancement of Rs. 50 lakhs in LADP fund under the name of Iconic Project is one of the new policies of UDA government that will directly benefit the public.
Tovihoto, who is a BJP legislator, appreciated Modi led BJP government at the centre stating there is visible development in entire north eastern region including Nagaland and was hopeful that people shall witness lot more development activities taking place in Nagaland.
There are lots of opportunities open to the people and there is peaceful coexistence among the people when there is community development and that is what people are witnessing and therefore people must also come together, work together and also support the government to usher in lot more development activities, he said.
The Advisor called upon to members of Rongmei community to continue to participate towards promoting peace and harmony, thereby fostering brotherhood among different communities in the cosmopolitan society of Dimapur.
He pointed out that his responsibility as a leader is not for him to enjoy but a responsibility to fulfill the needs and requirements of the people and assured the gathering that he would continue to give his best in his duty to uplift the people.
Others who spoke on the occasion were Johnny Ruangmei, Joint Chief Executive Officer, NSDMA and Chingkhiulung Gonmei, President, Rongmei Council Nagaland. They thanked Tovihoto Ayemi for fulfilling the long felt need of the Rongmei community.
Rev. Mathiuthai Gonmei, Executive Secretary, Rongmei Baptist Churches Association Nagaland (RBCAN) said the guest house dedicatory prayer
Rongmei cultural troupes form different places including Peren and contemporary artists presented songs and dances honouring the special guest.
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