Friday, February 26, 2021

Tovihoto inaugurates RCD Drinking water, toilet cum waiting shed

Drinking water

Dimapur, June 23: MLA and Advisor, Power, H. Tovihoto Ayemi today inaugurated the Rotary Club Dimapur Drinking water, Toilet cum Waiting Shed at Tata Parking, near Hotel Tragopan.
Congratulating the Rotary Club of Dimapur for its grand initiative, Tovihoto said, “Dimapur is a cosmopolitan area comprising of people from different states of India but out here we hardly see any public toilets, public drinking water facilities and waiting sheds.”
Stating that it was a new beginning in the right direction, he urged all the citizens to adapt to changing times and a sense of belongingness should prevail.
He said, “We cannot always depend on the government, certain things we need to do by ourselves. Community people are coming forward to build roads. We should inculcate these traits in doing good for the society. We should take care of our public properties and the messages should be spread to all. Our people still do not have this sense of belongingness and it should be inculcated amongst all”.
Tovihoto stated that public drinking water, public toilets and waiting sheds are the basic facilities the citizens needs and it is their basic rights to avail such.
Speaking on the occasion as the Special Invitee, Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), Administrator, Moa Sangtam appreciated the efforts of the Rotary Club, Dimapur and stated that since many years the Rotary club have been tremendous working for the betterment of the society and for the development of Dimapur and urged all the organisations to continue doing something good for Dimapur.
Moa appreciated the non- Naga communities of Dimapur for their enormous contributions for the development of Dimapur since the inception of the town.
Delivering the welcome address, Project Chairman, Rotarian Chandu Kumar Agarwal spoke at length on the enormous difficulties faced by the members of the Rotary Club while building the multi public facilities.
He appreciated all the dignitaries involved and had also mentioned that the public facilities would had not been successful without the cooperation of Eros Line, GB, Vikuto Yepthomi who immensely contributed for its success.
He said that to build up the structure anew with all the facilities, the old waiting shed built in 1977 lying defunct due to the shifting of the bus station from Tata parking to, had to be dismantled and lots of difficulties and challenges were faced during its construction phases.
Chandu Agarwal said, “the waste dirty dump yard was transformed into a public utility after strenuous efforts by all the members of RCD, involving a total expenditure of Rs. 7,47,225”.
He urged the DMC administrator to allot them more space in Hazi Park and other areas of Dimapur to build more such facilities.
President of the Rotary Club Dimapur, Dr. Nitin Agarwal deliberated on the benefits of having such public facilities in and around Dimapur. He said, “Females finds it difficult when there are no public toilets in and around Dimapur. Every area in Dimapur should have all this multi public utility services” and urged all the gatherings to jointly work together for the betterment of Dimapur.
Dr. Nitin said, “Permanent staffs will man the facilities here and it will be a pay and use toilet. It will start from 5 am and close at 7 pm”.
Speaking on the occasion as an invitee, Vikuto Yepthomi stated that the Tata parking area is one the most crowded area in Dimapur and the public utilities will provide great service for the benefits of the people. He said, “It will immensely benefit the labourers, truck drivers and commuters as there is no public utility service in this area”.
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