Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tovihoto inaugurates new office building in Peren

Tovihoto inaugurated Power Office at Peren

Dimapur, April 13: Advisor for Power, H Tovihoto Ayemi inaugurated the new Executive Engineer (Power) office building for Peren division on April 12.

Ayemi called upon the gathering to work in true spirit and full enthusiasm for the public. He urged the public to take care of the properties with a sense of belongingness, adding that the new building is ‘one of the finest among office buildings’.
Advisor for Water Resources, Namri Nchang warned against theft of power. Nchang appealed to the public to utilize electricity judiciously.
Chief Engineer (D&R) Moa Aier mentioned that the new office building is at a prime location with various facilities. He appealed to the public for their cooperation.
Engineer-in-Chief (Power) N Mozhui said the Department will serve the public by working for the betterment of the people.
Principal Secretary for Power, KD Vizo said that the State has to strive for sustainable development goals and encouraged the private enterprises to come forward. Vizo also suggested for alternative power like solar and wind. He called upon the people to understand the difficulties faced by the Department in times of natural calamities. He lamented the reluctance of the public in paying electric bills.

Additional Chief Engineer (Civil) Visakho Therie, in the technical report, informed that it took 32 months for completion for the building. He said that the building was constructed at a cost of Rs 3.11 crore, which includes electrification, water and rain harvest. (Page News Service)