Friday, September 17, 2021

TOT programme held at Chumukedima

Dimapur, August 13: To ensure that all stake holders are well acquainted with the new waste management plan of Chumukedima Town, a Training of Trainers (TOT) program was organized by Chumukedima Town Council on Monday at Chiimoukedima Town Hall along with all schools, educational institutions, Churches, CTSU, various Tribal Students unions and Eco clubs based in the town.
In the afternoon session, the TOT training was imparted to all ward GBs/chairmen, CTYO, Tribal Unions, Mother’s Association, EcoSquad, all ward sanitation committees and Tribal Union Chumukedima Town.
This is an IEC initiative of CTC for the new waste management plan scheduled to be launched in early September this year. Several other trainings are planned for the coming week with all stake holders. Living For Environment (LIFE) NGO was the official training partner.
The EAC & Administrator of Chumukedima TC, Shri Thejavizo Nakhro, NCS stated that the participants were trained on identifying wastes, reduction and processing of waste at source, segregation of waste at source, door to door collection, do’s & dont’s and ill effects of improper disposal of wastes. The trainees are tasked to disseminate waste management information in their respective wards/colonies/schools/institutions/churches/etc. prior to the launching of the new waste management plan of CTC. (Page News Service)