Tongpang Ozukum inaugurates Chakpa village gate

Last updated on: January 19, 2020 at 10:55 pm IST


Dimapur, January 19: The newly constructed traditional village gate of Chakpa, some 35 kilometers from Mokokchung town, was inaugurated by Tongpang Ozukum, Minister for
Housing and Mechanical on January 18.
Tongpang Ozukum congratulated the village council and the villagers for the new village gate and dedicated its successful construction to the Riongsanger Putu council under whose tutelage the construction commenced and was handed to the new village council – Riongsanger Putu menden.
Acknowledging the egalitarian community lifestyle of Chakpa village, the minister said that it is a very unique Naga village where two Naga tribes – Aos and Chang co-exist in harmony and has set a good example not only for the Nagas but other communities as well. He encouraged the villagers to continue and prosper together in unity in the days to come.
Earlier the programme commenced with T Imdang Jamir, church secretary invoking God’s blessings. Welcome speech was delivered by lmkonglemba, council chairman Chakpa village and R Yanger Jamir, ex-council chairman, Riongsanger Putu, delivered a short speech.
(Page News Service)