Tongpang inaugurates AKTD Jubilee Memorial Park in Dimapur


Dimapur, June 22: Minister for PWD, Tongpang Ozukum today inaugurated Jubilee Memorial Park and free public drinking water booth constructed and maintained by Ao Kaketshi Telongjem, Dimapur (AKTD), in commemoration of its golden jubilee near Hotel Saramati.
Unveiling the Jubilee Memorial, Tongpang said the unveiling of the Jubilee Park Memorial is the most awaited project. He said, “I still consider myself as a social worker, though I am a politician. My support for any social activities is unbounding. Broaden your horizon and be more responsible. Let us join hands together to beautify Dimapur and Nagaland as a whole”.
He thanked the Ao Students Union, Dimapur for giving him the privilege to inaugurate this wonderful assets that was created out of nothing, and congratulated them for attaining 50 years of their existence in Dimapur and also appreciated their noble initiative of providing free drinking booth, planting trees, beautifying the walls near PWD road with murals and maintaining a public park, etc.
He said, “This thoughtful initiative of Ao Students Union, Dimapur will touch the heart of many people not only in Dimapur but across the state. I am truly touched and impressed by their initiatives”.
Tongpang said that new cities are emerging and the old cities are developing, but one mismatch exists and that is ‘proper planning and designing’.
He said, “One of the important aspects that we miss is and we fail to address is public park and space for people. We miserably fail on this aspect, there is no city planning, it is all khushi khushi here. We fail to address this issue.”
He further said such kind of infrastructure like public parks is not only for recreational purpose, but it has got two important benefits, health and environmental and social benefits.
Tongpang said that many people have their own perceptions on this subject but according to him there are two important benefits of public parks – health and environmental benefits and social benefits because we gather together and we share the world together.
He wished to see that such kinds of infrastructure are created in all the colonies because side by side our climate is changing and preservation and conservation of nature is needed. He said, “People need space to breathe”.
“Dimapur belongs to all of us, it does not belong to anyone but it belongs to all of us. If we don’t care for Dimapur than who will care. If we don’t develop Dimapur than who will develop it”, Tongpang voiced out his concern for the city and added, “Let us take ownership of Dimapur”.
He urged upon the citizens to take up the ownership of Dimapur.
“When I am saying ‘take ownership of Dimapur’, it doesn’t mean the ‘Khushi Khushi’ way of doing things. But it denotes, ‘to do something for this city and for the people'”, he said adding that every time depending on the government isn’t good.
Stressing on his social background, he said that Nagaland has thousands of organisations and every organisation has their own motto and objectives – ‘Objective to develop and objective to move ahead’. He asked, “Are they really doing or going ahead as per their objectives? I often think of it. If every organisation had focussed on their objectives then Nagaland would have developed long back, we would have been in a better place then what we are today”.
He appreciated the Ao Students Union Dimapur for their noble ventures and urged them to move ahead with their noble works and also urged all the organizations to contribute for the betterment of the society and the state.
A Nyamnyei Konyak, as guest of honour spoke at length in Ao dialect appreciating the AKTD for their grand efforts.
T. Bangerloba Ao, speaking as one of the guest of Honour appreciated AKTD and invoked the large gatherings that the government is doing the utmost and it’s high time the civil societies should also contribute in beautifying the state.
President, Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU), Sedevilie and M. Toshi Pongen, Vice-President of Ao Senso telongjem, Dimapur also spoke on the occasion.
Earlier in his welcome remarks, K. Temjen jamir, Convenor, Jubilee Planning welcomed the large gatherings and spoke at length on the activities of AKTD and the contributions of many students and well wishers for the beautification of Dimapur.
Temjen stated that by selling ten thousand pieces of dustbins ordered from Mumbai, an amount of ten lakhs was raised and the dustbins were sold at a nominal price.
He said, “With no funds, we reached this level and we have earned it to fund many of our activities, including the Silver Jubilee memorial”.
He appreciated the President of Super Market Tenant Association, Pukhaho Yepthomi present on the occasion for voluntarily assisting the AKTD to look after the park which is located within the Super Market precinct.
Earlier the dedicatory prayer was led by Associate Pastor, DABA, Rev. Ariba Imchen and the Vote of thanks was delivered by former President, and Executive Convenor of AKTD, Sp. Lanutoshi Aier.
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