Monday, June 14, 2021

Tom Holland reportedly unfollows Sony

Tom Holland

Actor Tom Holland, who has played Spider-Man on screen since 2016, has reportedly unfollowed Sony Pictures on Instagram following the announcement that the character might not be involved in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films. This would be the first acknowledgement of the ongoing dispute from Holland’s side.
MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad wrote on Twitter that Holland seems to have unfollowed Sony, which owns the rights to the character. His tweet has been ‘liked’ over 12000 times. He added, “Imagine how Tom Holland feels. He was cast to be the Spider-Man in the MCU, specifically so his character could be in the Avengers. Now he’s being told he can’t play in that playground anymore and has to be stuck with Sony’s leftovers.”
Meanwhile, several prominent actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Jeremy Renner have commented on the ongoing fiasco. Holland’s father, Dominic, tweeted the popular hashtag ‘Save Spider-Man’.