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Tokhu Emong celebrated at Padumpukhuri Village

MLA Azheto Zhimomi with Lotha community elders of Padumpukhuri at the unveiling of jubilee monolith on November 7, 2021

Dimapur, November 7: The Lotha community of Padumpukhuri Village observed Tokhu Emong festival on the theme “togetherness” which coincided with the silver jubilee celebrations of the community.

Azheto Zhimomi, MLA, 3 Dimapur III Assembly constituency graced the occasion as the special guest and unveiled the jubilee monolith besides addressing a large gathering of community members.
Extending jubilee and festival greetings, he said Lotha community of Padumpukhuri have come of have age and it is time for the community members to retrospect the past while also acknowledging and honouring the pioneers and move forward with positive approach for the betterment of the society, to create a society where all can live in peace, unity and prosperity.
Speaking about his strong emotional bonding of brotherhood that he has had with Lothas right from his school days, he said, “We are living in a cosmopolitan place and in the larger interest of the society in general we must maintain unity and brotherhood with all other communities”.
Stressing on the culture and traditions of Naga people, MLA Azheto pointed out that “our culture, our festivals are our identity and one must preserve one’s own identity in the true spirit and pass down the same to younger generations.”
Talking about Naga people’s long desired solution to Naga political problem, Azheto Zhimomi said, “Nagaland state legislators are sincerely committed towards finding long lasting solution” and therefore, all the legislators though remaining under different political parties, have come under one umbrella to voice out in unison and to work together to achieve the long desired wish of the Naga people.”
He said it is not the responsibility of leaders or national workers alone but it is the moral responsibility of entire Naga people to play a role in one’s own capacity to unite all Naga people and groups and make a clarion call to the Government of India to respect the rights and demand of the Nagas.

Village council chairman of Padumpukhuri, Aheto Yeptho also exhorted the gathering with jubilee and festival greetings. He called upon the members of Lotha community to play a pivotal role in bringing about positive changes in the society.
Azheto Zhimomi was accompanied by host of NPF party workers of Dimapur district and Dimapur III assembly constituency.
Colourful cultural presentation by members of Lotha community marked the celebration.
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