Monday, June 21, 2021
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Tokheho highlights corruption in state Govt


Says, Nagas are “corrupt from head to tail…”

Dimapur, November 12: Lone Nagaland Lok Sabha MP, Tokheho Yepthomi on Tuesday, giving a glimpse to the extent of corruption happening in the government revealed that within four months of becoming the Minister for School Education and Parliamentary Affairs on July 22, 2017, he identified more than 1400 government employees withdrawing salaries, without doing work.
Speaking as one of the guests during the 8th Sumi-Chakhesang Brotherhood Meet held here at Shokhuvi Village, Dimapur, he said that 702 appointed teachers were just sitting in the SDO and DO offices and taking their salaries, while 72 HMs/Asst HMs were taking salary without doing anything by attaching themselves with the Directorate. He claimed that he was advised not to do anything about it, but he removed those, keeping in mind the welfare of the students and Nagas.
Describing Nagas as “corrupt from head to tail and tail to head” he said that elected representatives think ten times before doing anything to counter corruption as this might affect the political career, and added that in response to his actions, 39 people filed a case against him with the best of lawyers, but they lost on September 19, 2019.
He also revealed that in 2011, the GoI provided the state government with a fund of Rs 15 crores for disabled, but Rs 13.5 crores were eaten by five people. He said that it is a clear case, however, the Vigilance Department hasn’t yet given any outcome on it.
Talking about another case of clear corruption in the government sector, he revealed, without mentioning a name, that a Head of the Department in certain department within six years has accumulated Rs 87 crores 93 lakhs in his personal account.
During his address, he mentioned that being only two MPs from the state, representing 19 lakh population, the MPs are allotted only three minutes, while political parties with more MPs representing larger population are allotted hours; thus, he compared the Nagas as a grain of sand in an ocean.
“I thought I was something, but when I entered the Parliament… I felt insignificant,” the MP said in the presence of close to 10,000 attendants from the Sumi and Chakhesang tribes.
He continued that while everyone here says the phrase “Nagaland for Christ” why it is that before making even a thatched house, one needs to first make fences and he needs to go about with guards for security, and why the Angamis are not yet in the union if the history claims that Sumis, Chakhesang, and Angamis are but brothers.
He said there is a need for introspection in the Naga society and it needs to be understood that Nagas collectively are at wrong, not just the elected representatives and why when people of other states take to streets during the disruption of electricity, over lack of water, and over bad road conditions, Nagas don’t raise their voices.
Commenting about the Indo-Naga political settlement, he said that it is in the concluding stage now, and every Naga should be ready to make sacrifices that may be needed for the future generation.
Minister for Planning & Coordination and Land Revenue, Neiba Kruno, and Rajya Sabha MP K.G. Kenye were the others who also spoke on the occasion. (Page News Service)