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Toinali Chophi launches Naga beauty brand ILIMI


DIMAPUR, MARCH 20: After scripting the success story of Beauty Barn, a multi-platform business that deals in Korean skincare products, its founder and CEO, Toinali Chophi, on Wednesday launched a distinct Naga beauty brand named ILIMI, a Sumi word for young girl.
While launching the new Naga brand, she also introduced two of their inaugural product lines: Juicy Tint and Chiffon Tint ~ a skincare infused lip colour.
Toinali explained that the idea of creating a Naga brand in the personal care category “capable of competing in the global market space” had been with her since the inception of Beauty Barn in 2017.
“It seemed we focused mainly on bringing in franchises. I always had this desire within me to create a brand of my own, to shatter this glass ceiling and the mindset of limitations that seemed to hold us back”, she shared.
Toinali described her Beauty Barn journey as a humbling experience that opened doors for her to “work with so many globally renowned brands”.
“However, the persistent question about the absence of Naga-owned brands kept resonating within me, and it was this inner dialogue that ultimately led to the birth of Ilimi.
“Ilimi, a term in our Sumi mother tongue translating to ‘young girl’, is used to compliment women of all ages. To me, Ilimi signifies youthfulness and timelessness. It doesn’t define a specific age or gender. It’s about aging gracefully and maintaining a youthful spirit, irrespective of the age”, she said.
Creating brand ILIMI took her more than a year. “I’ve learned that there will never be a time when everything feels 100% ready. I felt now is the right time to launch the brand and I believe in learning on the go and continuously improving”, she added.
According to Toinali, one more reason behind creating a Naga brand was working opportunities. “The potential with K-beauty brands is somewhat limited. And so I wanted to create a truly inclusive brand that welcomes everyone. With the launch of ILIMI, we aspire to provide opportunities not only for influencers and creators, but also for homemakers and college students”, she said.
The CEO also informed that they have plans to expand their product range and include hair-care and skincare lines, “which we hope to launch by the end of this year or early 2025”.
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