Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tobacco users among students high in Dimapur

Dimapur, October 30: A one-day training on tobacco free educational institutions for head of the institutions under Dimapur was held on October 30 at Rotary Centre Dimapur. The training was organized by District Tobacco Cell and Rotary Club Dimapur.
Dr Antoly Suu, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dimapur highlighted the tobacco scenario among school and colleges in Dimapur. She sensitized the participants that as per a recent study conducted in 25 schools and colleges in Dimapur District with participants between the age of 15-24 years, it was found that 10% of the students surveyed smoked tobacco products, while 10.8% consumed paan and 26% chew tobacco.
The surveyed also showed that the adolescent period was the most vulnerable period as more than 85% of the tobacco users had first tried tobacco during this period.
In Nagaland tobacco users between the age of 15-24 years is 28.6% which is an alarming rate and a great concerned. Tobacco consumption pattern among youths in Nagaland is similar to adult consumptions and is much higher than consumption by India youths (12.4%). She further informed out of the 3397 students surveyed, 9 students were found to have pre-cancerous lesions.
Dr C Tetseo, State Nodal Officer, NTCP highlighted on the guidelines on tobacco free institute. He emphasized that the guideline given are not fixed and schools can improve on it by incorporating innovative ideas and policy in their respective institute so that tobacco control measures are fully integrated into the institutional system. He urged the educational institutions to enforce tobacco free policy as students being in their formative period can be taught to inculcate healthy habits.
He stated that as the brain develops, we form habits and when these habits are reinforced, it becomes a permanent way of life. Children who are exposed to tobacco, alcohol or drugs and indulged in these bad habits during this age, it becomes more difficult for them to kick the habit later on. Thus it is important that educational institutes implement tobacco free policy and protect the future of our children from this vice.
The programme was chaired by Imkumla Aier, Psychologist, NTCP Dimapur. The programme was attended by 50 head of institutions from both private and Government schools under Dimapur District.
(Page News Service)