Thursday, February 22, 2024
Creative Writings

To The First Naga Lady Doctor

(Elegy written on the 9thAnniversary of Late Dr. K.K. Angami)

Nine years have passed and I still feel so blue
When I think of you, doctor of renown.
And how I wish I could bid you adieu
Before the harsh storms of age blew you down.

And when I think of how these many years
Your resting place to visit dared not I,
In grief cries out my heart, and I have fears
That I may with regret live till I die.

For though I dreamed to come and comfort thee
With my success, yet by fate crippled, came
My plans to naught, and with you could not be
Nor visit the stone marked with your dear name.

And now, you cannot hear me mourn your death,
But here I come lamenting yet once more,
The sad loss of my patron; soul so great,
A giver true, a mother of the poor.

And since your passing, there has been a dearth
In our world, of good men and people nice.
Kind mother, your demise has left the earth
One giver less and many orphaned twice.

The world is full of men who give just for
Fame, good men who exploit the meek and weak,
Feigned givers who pretend to help the poor
But rob, and those who only riches seek.

The poor man’s house is now a place forlorn
Where mirth of joyous children’s heard no more.
Thou fair house, once for all a happy home
Now calmly sleeps; your praises sung no more.

Here I come, not with gifts but praise in verse,
To tell to the world how you helped the poor
And needy and ne’er fame or glory sought.
Adieu, till we meet on the other shore.

Pekingto Y Jimo