Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Creative Writings

To mothers…

Longrangty Longchar
I know, I would still be that child in your eyes,

That straddling mother hen. Forever
I know, and I see the future of the children.
And I know, how you see your byes. Forever.
God blessed me with you. Years gone by
I have seen through tears, yet joy, by and by
This Mother’s Day. See through them all
Of grandchildren, a son, a daughter ~ the call
Of Happy Mother’s Day
An epitome of love…
Remember that Hallmark Card that said…
Our story, of year gone by and by.
The message remains:
“…you Amma, don’t divide love.
You simply multiply love.
Among the many of us.
That’s why we call you Amma.
That’s Why we pray God
To bless You. Amma.