Saturday, July 24, 2021
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To have or not to have political solution

The Nagas cannot afford to have confrontation with India indefinitely. The Nagas realized that it is time to have talk with GOI for negotiated political solution. Whereas, in the midst of conflict and uncertainties such talk between the two entities can neither be initiated nor can it be conducted, the peace was desired as the prerequisite is the peaceful atmosphere. To begin with and to pave way for peace process the ceasefire between the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and the GOI was agreed and accordingly signed by the two entities. The prevailing Ceasefire is therefore the means for political negotiations, the negotiations between the GOI and the Nagas is the means for evolving the political solution and the political solution is the means for peace and progress.
As for NSCN(IM), it is the investment of 22 years of political negotiation, and the Working Committee of NNPGs has had 2 years negotiation. As the simultaneous negotiations of NSCN(IM) and WC, NNPGs with GOI is the means for political solution, it is imperative that the negotiators remain determined for ironing out the solution. The scheduled time is running out fast and we, the Nagas, have to make up our mind and take the right decision for our posterity within the given dateline without complacency. In the event of the Naga negotiators failing to take bold decision within the stipulated time frame, and when the GOI refuses to reschedule the dateline, I can foresee the negative consequences.
Ultimately, if solution is not wanted by the Nagas, there will be no use for further negotiations. When there is no requirement of negotiations the ceasefire will become irrelevant and there may be no necessity to have the prevailing ceasefire extended. Whereas, in absence of ceasefire there is no guarantee that the Nagas will have peace in our lands. Whereas, in such situation of negotiation breakdown, absence of ceasefire and the political uncertainties will unite the Nagas to have the revisit of the past glory is doubtful. The most intricate question will arise as to whether the Nagas are capable enough to pursue the political aspiration in division or in unity post the collapse of the negotiations. The other question will be whether the Nagas are still willing to carry on the negotiations with GOI? The bigger question is, even when the Nagas are willing whether the GOI will have the patience and agree to extend the period of negotiations beyond 31.10.2019?
Having invited the Nagas to have political negotiations by GOI is a great honour and respect for the political status of the Nagas. If the negotiations are allowed to collapse and when the chapter of further negotiation is closed, the Nagas may have to meet very embarrassing phase in our political journey. To abandon our aspiration is painful and one cannot even imagine, and yet practically we will find ourselves very exhausted to continue. Today we, the Nagas, have the opportunities to boast, shout and brag because we are recognized by GOI and the GOI is listening to us. With the present status the Nagas remained sensitive and proud whereby one does not like to listen to the ground realities that the possible solution will be under the Constitution of India. Imagine, when the GOI closes the diplomatic chapter whereby she refuses to listen to us, if so, who is going to listen to us. Imagine the position of the Nagas.
Z. Lohe

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