TIN on young boy’s murder and illegal immigrants


The Indigenous Naga had an emergency meeting on 05/08/18 to take stock of the unexpected reckless inhuman barbarian act,murder of our dear brother late Master Kumugha Chishi son of village council chairman Lotovi village of the so called land of the head hunters, by illegal immigrants in conniving with local naives.
Those culprits do not deserve to exist in our community. The office of the Indigenous Naga condemn this heinous crime and termed a direct challenge to its owner who gave them hospitality. The Indigenous Naga appeal to the concerned village authority to expel all the illegal immigrants from its jurisdiction and set an example to other Naga villages authority to carry out the same exercise before they commit more crime against another Naga family.
While expressing deep anguish over what has happened, blame the government for not heeding to the general wish of the populace to impose ILP in Dimapur.If such measures had been in enforced The present scenario could have been averted. The TIN had carried out poster campaign to impose ILP on 4th Nov 2017 in Dimapur to safeguard it’s people from the illegal immigrants, was taken for granted. Many mothers and sister were rape and murdered.
The ‘TIN’ question the government and the minister in power, will they impose ILP in Dimapur only when such tragedy happened in their family? God forbid, prayed the organization. When will we wake up to such burning issues? If the Assam state has done NRC drafting to safeguard it’s citizens from illegal immigrants? what had stop the government from imposing ILP in Dimapur which is traditional land and one of the district of Nagaland, the gateway to others state and the government of the day or the past was collecting revenues from it. Our office had submitted a representation addressed to home commissioner knowing that the cabinet had directed the home department to submit proposal has pleaded with few proposals and suggestions through the deputy commissioner of Dimapur district on 02/08/18.The same letter was send to the Governor, Chief minister, Home minister, Director General of Police, Chief Secretary, Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Commissioner of Police Dimapur, the Editor of local print media houses and some local dialect news papers for publication.
How can the people’s government remain so adamant when there is tragedy over tragedy happening in our state, the citizens life is threatened.
We are law abiding citizens, therefore to bring the influx of illegal immigrants into control our simple demand is to issue a notification from the person in power. Where is our future to progress? if we allow these immigrants to exploit our limited human and natural resources? The Indigenous Naga along with the rest of the tribal bodies and other NGOS had submitted enough representation and reminders and by prompt action of the government such tragic incident of the present and many that had in record could have been averted with timely intervention from the government part but due to its negligence, had cost many innocent lives untimely.
The Indigenous Naga would like to appeal to the Nagaland Tribe Council who will be holding a join meeting of all tribal hohos to come up with immediate concrete policy by not passing the task to the government machinery since it had failed us, to flush out those undocumented illegal immigrants from our land before it is never too late. Rape, murder were not part or heard in our Naga society but this foreign unethical behaviour had cohabited us and we must come together to fight against this social menaces at large to an end.
The Indigenous Naga warn those selfish few Naga conniving with non locals in business or any other activities to part ways for when the right time comes we will not hesitate to take action against them for we cannot allow such parties to operate in our state at the cost of our future generations. We will also want to remind all those non locals coexisting with Naga to respect each other for peaceful atmosphere or a time will come for us to shut the doors and ask you to live and follow our ways or leave us alone,The decision is yours. With much regret to announce that the Indigenous Naga has decided to take extreme steps upon certain community living in Nagaland for you have kidnapped and murdered our innocent brother without any rhyme or crime but only for ransom which we cannot be tolerated anymore. Your action has not only insulted our people in authority but you took the life of his beloved son. Therefore we appeal to those people who are undocumented to leave us peacefully and not intervene in our society. But if you like stay in our place than come through with proper documents for your Happy, safety and security stay.
The media cell of TIN has the information of the notification issued to various organisations based in Dimapur by the Deputy commissioner of Dimapur dated 27th July 2018 No.GEN-13/NOTIFICATION/2018-D/2205-10 in pursuance to the government of Nagaland O.M.No.Home Secy/Misc/2017 Dated 25/072018 .In this regard the the following advisories are hereby issued for compliance to all villages and colonies and authorities:
1.All villages/ward authorities are to take measures to strictly monitor influx of people from outside the state in violation to the existing rules/norms within the respective jurisdiction.
2.Any unusual influx of people from outside the state should be promptly brought to the notice of the district administration & police without fail.
3.The antecedents of the new incoming tenants shall be properly check and verified.
The above notification was already served to the the following organization for necessary action and compliance;
1.The commissioner of police
2.The present GB (sardar)
3.The president Naga council Dimapur
4.The president,DUCCF
5.All ward chairman & GBs.
The Indigenous Naga has confident that with all the mass based organisation been empowered by the government of Nagaland we can thwart any untoward situation arising out from the NRC declaration in Assam. While also the local bodies empowered by the district administration should also understand that any influx of illegal immigrants takes place the concerned authority cannot be blame since it has fully assign to all local authorities, Therefore the Indigenous Naga office appeal to all President,chairman of wards and colonies to inform their respective subordinates, colony members to strictly abide by the government notifications without fail to safeguard and provide security to its citizens. The media cell of the Indigenous Naga is also of the opinion while inducting any of its office bearers or executive members in the tribal bodies/common Naga platform/ tribal organisation for the general Nagas to authenticate the identity members from the concerned tribe or only appoint who are nominated from thier respective tribe. Because in future those identity crisis origins will dilute our Indigenous Naga tribes. The Indigenous Naga is prepared to extend all out support to the local authority and district administration particularly in the Dimapur district.
Media Cell
The Indigenous Naga

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