Time’s revenge


We no longer have respect for Time ~ the only thing we know about Time in this post-modern era is that we “don’t have time” to live meaning lives, do meaningful things and for anyone. Therefore, perhaps Time also has no respect for us and worse still, Time doesn’t have time for us. We have embarked on a “two-minute noodle” life a few decades ago by turning ourselves into “two-minute noodles” and so we rush to achieve fame, wealth, status, everything, in two-minutes ~ therefore we fall along the way and create the kind of problems that are so over-whelming that we don’t understand what is happening to us. If you notice, everything, including toys, is age-specific but we are in a hurry to enroll our two-year-old in school and hope that by twenty-one the child will be employed in some multi-national corporation and earn trillions. But a child of whatever age learns only what s/he can learn at that age ~ barring prodigies, of course. In no time, this rushing around to “achieve” translates into a societal phenomenon and soon society and state turns into a store-house of information but not knowledge and wisdom and of “achievements” but not of meaningful living. Perhaps, this explains suicides and sometimes for the most ridiculous reasons such as not faring well in examinations? Not respecting Time then also translates into not respecting life. And nothing epitomizes this more than introducing technologies that an individual is not ready to cope with. It is tragic and an irreparable loss that thousands of young lives have been lost in foolish attempts to take selfies and more so that lives have been lost because of rumours and suspicions spread like wildfire through the whatsapp and other social media. The democratization of technology is indeed a step towards mainstreaming the people into a larger discourse on public life based on the ideals and ethos of democracy and sustainable development but such democratization must also first prepare the safety-nets for the adverse fall-outs, which no society and state has taken care to prepare and provide. Therefore society and state must take responsibility for incidents such as the one that happened at Karbi Anglong the other day wherein two young men were lynched by a crowd reportedly on suspicion of being child-lifters. What’s more, so must also the companies and corporate that manufacture and sell these technologies, which also have great potentials to hurt and harm the public, without first studying the impact of such powerful technologies on a population that may have a reasonably acceptable rate of literacy but with an abysmally low level of quality education, which hones the thinking, reasoning and analyzing abilities of human beings. We want what everyone has without thinking whether we are ready for the challenges of having what everyone has ~ the Government is in a hurry to take credits for introducing things, or let’s say “development”, without little or any study on impact thereof and corporates are also in a hurry to earn big bucks with no sense of responsibility for the consequences of actions and reactions. Once monsters are let loose, it is very difficult to rein them in but who has the time to study the effects of letting them loose and then prepare and provide safety-nets to the consequences. This is not to suggest that technologies should not be democratized or that they should be controlled but to aver that any population must be prepared to use and handle these technologies responsibly and somebody must take the responsibilities when technology is abused. There is a very misplaced notion that young people today are very smart, intelligent, tech-savvy and matured, etc. To a certain extent, they are but they don’t seem to be very clear about information, knowledge and wisdom and their maturity is still in an embryonic stage ~ maturity, inarguably comes with experiences and the ability to analyze, reason and learn from them, which come only with Time. Reposing misplaced trust in youth’s ability to lead without first teaching them to lead is an error for which any society and state will have to pay the price. And what we are seeing today is society and state is paying the price because when we do not allow Time to take its own course but build dams to harness power from the gifts of Time, we get are deluged by consequences we are powerless to revert ~ and Time takes its revenge.