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Time has come to develop & build State’s intellectual capital: CS

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KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 29: “The attention of Nagaland Government is focussed on developing physical infrastructure at the moment but the time has come to develop and build intellectual capital which I believe the State is equally serious about”, said Chief Secretary J Alam, at the launch of the 2-day book exhibition and sale of books by Naga authors at Hotel Japfü, Kohima, on November 29.

The exhibition and sale of the books is being sponsored by the Kohima Educational Society (KES).
While the literary tradition is still young in Nagaland, KES should be commended for doing pioneering works, he said.
“A writer is the conscience keeper and the mind of the society. It is essential to nurture rich talents and give them ample opportunities to grow which the KES is doing in Nagaland”, said the Chief Secretary.
Alam also lauded the KES for giving out scholarships to deserving students of Nagaland.
Four publishing house from Nagaland ~ Common Room, Barkweaver, Woods Publishers, PenThrill and Heritage Publishing House ~ took part in the exhibition.
Earlier during the programme, Chairman of KES, P Ngully informed that the Society was established to liaise with Kohima Educational Trust to carry out activities as foreseen by them.
Giving an account of the birth of KET/KES, he said that during the reunion of the veterans of the British 2nd Division in 2004, Gordon Graham, who had fought as a young Captain in the Battle of Kohima, stated his belief that most of the veterans had survived because of the help given by the Nagas and that they carried a “debt of gratitude and honour” to the Naga people.
In one of the meetings, Captain Gordon Graham suggested that they should do something before they passed away, which his comrades fully endorsed, and they decided to launch a “monument to the living” rather than to the non-living structures like buildings or pillars that are often constructed.

Thus, the Kohima Educational Trust was born as a charitable educational trust to assist the education of Naga children who are descendants of their Naga allies during the Battle of Kohima.
Ngully also informed that several of the KET/KES projects are of continuing nature, with some of its undertakings such as the award of annual scholarships to High School and Higher Secondary students, of which over 1200 Naga students from throughout the State have already benefitted and the numbers keep increasing every year.
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