Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Thrice PDA Govt reiterated stand not to oppose CAB: NPF


Dimapur, February 2: The Naga People’s Front has termed the claim of the ruling NDPP that the PDA coalition had never supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill at any point of time as “devoid of any truth and logic.”
“The people of the State are the best judges to this fabricated statement of the NDPP,” it said in a rejoinder.
Stating that the memories of NDPP seems to be “going haywire” with each passing day, the NPF reminded that it was not only once or twice but thrice that the PDA Government reiterated their stance not to oppose the Bill quoting Article 371 A as a blanket protection.
It, however, claimed that knowing the fact that the Naga public totally rejects the Bill and the boycotting of the Republic Day spearheaded by the NSF, the PDA Government had no choice but to “cringe back in fear and surrendered to the will of the people” at the eleventh hour.
“In fact, it was only on the 28th of January 2019 that they decided to oppose the Bill which was done so not because they care for the Nagas but out of pressure to save their political chairs,” it claimed.
The NPF also alleged that the convening of consultative meeting at Dimapur on January 31 was nothing but just an eye wash for the PDA Government and to garner the attention and sympathy of the Naga people. It claimed that in the January 31 meeting, most of the NGO’s and tribal hohos questioned the PDA Government for convening the meeting after its Cabinet had on two occasion decided not to oppose the Bill.
On the question put across by the NDPP on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, and the subsequent query hurled at the Leader of Opposition TR Zeliang, who was also the Chief Minister during that period, on his role when the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill came up in the Lok Sabha in the year 2016, the NPF asked the NDPP not to forget that Neiphiu Rio was the sitting MP in the Lok Sabha when the Bill was introduced in the house.
“Therefore, shifting the blame to NPF leaders after being caught up in the very act of betrayal itself is only demeaning their party which is on the verge of collapsing to the ground,” it claimed.
Reiterating that that Article 371 A cannot override the Indian Constitution, and has nothing to do with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the NPF said “the childish act of NDPP hitting on NPF leaders” under the cover of Article 371 A is very unbecoming and is a “shameless act of cowardice, as it is a known fact that NPF has stood on its principles for the Nagas from the onslaught of this Citizenship Bill from day one, and has never wavered on its determined decision to protect and safeguard the future of the Nagas, unlike the NDPP led PDA government who has to backtrack at the last minute.”
The NPF also took strong exception to the threat issued to its president Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu by NDPP over the issue of MP Lok Sabha, Tokheho’s vote in the Lok Sabha favoring Citizenship Amendment Bill. It said the party will come out with all evidences as being asked for and challenged the NDPP to be ready with their side of evidence that Tokheho has not voted in favor of the Bill on January 8 when it was passed in the Lok Sabha.
On the claim made by the NDPP that Naga people have rejected NPF, the rejoinder said Naga people have given their largest mandate to the NPF and not NDPP, which, it said, had a seat sharing arrangement with the BJP to face the NPF alone in the last general election. “Today the 26 NPF MLAs has become the strongest opposition in the 13th NLA,” it said.
The NPF further advised the NDPP, a party which it alleged “is thriving on ‘faulty’ lines being cornered and surrounded on all sides with the tides closing in”, to be committed and concentrate on people’s welfare programme instead of indulging in paper wars. (Page News Service)