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Thousands rally protesting Miasalhou’s killing at Kohima

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KOHIMA, MAY 20: Thousands of Western Angami people today held a public rally in Kohima protesting the murder of Mezomia Mechü Krotho (MMK) president and Political Assistant to Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Kezhalelie Lawrence Miasalhou by two youths.
The two youths identified as Neizosetuo Kire (24) and Khrietsonyü Whuorie (25) of Kohima village, both wrestlers, had reportedly bashed up Late Miasalhou over a traffic scuffle at Phoolbari in Kohima on Saturday evening.
He succumbed to his injuries on Sunday morning at Oking Hospital while the funeral service was held the same evening at his native village in Mezoma.
Police said that the duo have been arrested and kept under custody under relevant Sections of law, including murder charges.
Meanwhile, angered over the murder of Miasalhou, the Western Angami Youth Organisation (WAYO), supported by various Angami organizations, held a protest rally in the heart of the capital town.
They converged at Paramedical junction on NH-29 and walked up to Phoolbari with banners and placards demanding stringent punishment against the culprits.
Some of the placards read: “Respect the elders”, “Wrestlers or killers”, “Don’t grant bail”, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, etc.
At Phoolbari, WAYO president Neitolie Khrietuo Peseyie, Western Angami Public Organisation president Kepelhoutuo Chüsi, Southern AYO president Metekhrielie Mejura, Chakhroma Youth Organisation president Seyieneilhou Keyho, Northern Angami Youth Organisation vice president Kevizelie Pienyü, AYO president Kesosul Christopher Ltu and MMK general secretary Khrielievi Chüsi addressed the gathering expressing strong condemnation against the heinous crime and demanding appropriate justice as per the law of the land.
They also conveyed condolences to the bereaved family and also extended their solidarity with WAYO while also affirming to stand together till justice is delivered.

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Later, WAYO and MMK officials also went up to the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, and submitted a memorandum.
The memorandum reads as follows:
“The WAYO is deeply anguished and appalled by the murder of Kezhalelie Lawrence Miasalhou, Political Assistant to Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, on May 18, 2024 at Phoolbari, Kohima, by two young youth namely Neizosetuo Kire and Khrietsonyü Whuorie, both from Kohima village.
As per Naga tradition, it is the duty of the elders to reprimand and correct young people for their misdemeanor. However, it is unfathomable and barbaric for young people to react with brute force to the extent of taking an elder’s life. WAYO condemns this heinous crime in the strongest term.
The WAYO therefore puts forward the following demands:
1. That the law enforcing agency to immediately arrest the two culprits.
2. That the two culprits should be booked under all relevant Sections of the law and be given exemplary punishment.
3. That no bail should be given to them under any circumstances. WAYO also warns that if any person or group tries to bail them out, they will be held responsible for any untoward consequences.
The WAYO urges your office to treat this case with utmost seriousness so that justice is delivered at the earliest.”
Meanwhile, coming out of the DC’s office, WAYO president Peseyie told media persons that the DC has conveyed condolences to the bereaved family and expressed grief over Miasalhou’s demise as he was his PA. The DC also has assured to take the case seriously and deliver justice at the earliest, he said.
On the crowd expressing unhappiness demanding that they should go up to the Police Station and bring out the culprits in public, Peseyie said that the Western Angami leaders have convinced them and they have calmed down for now.
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