Thousands of mourners pay homage to late Yashitsungba

Thousands of mourners pay homage to late Yashitsungba

Dimapur, April 4: Thousands of mourners from all walks of life today gathered at State Stadium, Dimapur to pay their last homage to late Yashitsungba Ao who passed away on April 3 after prolonged illness.
Talking on behalf of the family, his son Dr. Maongwati Ao narrated one instance when his late father had asked him to not bring his salary home but use it on the poor and needy, which motivated him to work for the society.
He said that his father after having spent much time as a contractor decided in the later years to concentrate on the improvement of the healthcare sector in the state as the state lacks good medical facilities and people need to go outside for treatment and Zion Hospital & Research Centre and Eden Medical Centre were the consequences of his efforts.
Speaking on behalf of Zion Hospital, a representative of the institution said that without Yashitsungba, the hospital would not have been founded and despite of being an employer, he always had maintained down to earth stature, easily accessible, always ready to suggestions and a soul larger than life.
A representative of Eden Medical Centre also shared similar view of late Yashitsungba and added that he was not only a successful businessman but also a philanthropist and called on other entrepreneurs in the state to follow his footsteps.
Nagaland Foot Hill Road Construction Committee (NFHRCC) convener Supu Jamir said that when the project of the road was considered, all the prominent contractors had refused to work on the project because of the monetary risk factor, but it was late Yashitsungba at that time who had understood the need of the project for the people of the state and agreed to work on it.
Besides them, representatives of Nyamo Lotha Colony, Dimapur Asetkong Union, Sungratsu Baptist Church, Dimapur Ao Union, Dimapur Sungratsu Union also paid their condolences during the funeral service.
Till the day of his death late Yashitsungba was associated with different organisations in different capacities, which include chairmen of ZH&RS and EMC, treasurer of Dimapur Sungratsu Union, Ao Union Dimapur and NFHRCC. (Page News Service)