Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Think different

While growing up, we were told that by going to school we are securing our future. By gaining education we will get a degree, diploma and certificates, which have been and unfortunately still continue to be the sole purpose of it. A mere means to make a living with a fat salary. All throughout our school years, our teachers poured loads of information and traditional trash into our mind. Like a machine, it fed us with information, and we accepted it as a touchstone. What a pity, that our concepts are a far cry from the actual concept of education, growth and development. The real idea of gaining education is to help us in becoming better human beings. It gives us an understanding of things around us. We are able to analyze, critique and observe things from a far better perspective. Our vision broadens, we think clear, ask questions and be curious for their solutions. We tend to perceive accurately and our cognitive and mental growth is further distinguished. It helps a human being in realizing and recognizing humanity. Today we are tested not for our understanding of a particular subject but for how much we can memorize and how much better than others. A student who has memorized his/her entire textbook, swallowed, chewed and vomited every word of it in the examination is given the top rank, irrespective of how he understood and evaluated the information. It is high time our teachers instill in students a curiosity for learning and make studies a tad more interesting so that they don’t take it as a burden upon themselves. Today getting good grades in school has become a trophy that our parents show-off and proudly boast about in front of their friends and relatives. What could be more unfortunate and absurd than the fact that we pressurize our kids to excel, more so because the neighbors or some random cousin’s son or daughter has scored well! One fail to figure out when will our people register the fact that if we are to achieve something in life, it would have to be for our own good, and most certainly not to prove a point to anyone! We should have the courage to accept our achievements as well as our failures because that’s what makes us distinctive individuals. More important is to feel equally happy for other’s achievements. We should not pretend to be saints in front of others but first be real champions in our own eyes! As far as our people are concerned, we look down upon everything else apart from a doctor, engineer, and nowadays NCS or IAS officers. A child in his/her wildest dreams would not dare to confess to his/her parents what their inner desires to become are, be it a footballer, a cook, a painter, an actor, a musician or a teacher for that matter. This way, the creative streak in a child dies much before he/she knows he/she has it in her/him. How many innovatively creative people do we produce in Nagaland? What we are producing are just machines who are just not programmed to think out of the box. We have limited ourselves to a measly space, we need to venture out of it and see how we reach places. The point is we just cannot do what is not our forte. We just need to come out of this façade and live a life where we get freedom to be our selves, choose what we want to be and how we want to lead our lives. This is where the problem lies; we are so used to living a mundane life of farce and sham that it would not be wrong to call us hypocrites. If we surrender our personalities, we would have nothing left to give to the world. By suppression of our individuality we definitely lose our distinctive character. The need of the hour is to change our mindsets, and broaden our vision. We need to think big, think different, and think extraordinary. Rather than trying and fitting ourselves into the social stereotypes and suffocating ourselves throughout our entire lives, we need to believe in what we do, put our heart and soul into it and do it with full passion. We must listen to our heart and do something not because we have to but because we want to!