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“They’re original owners of country”: Rahul Gandhi pitches for tribal rights in Wayanad

Rahul gandhi

WAYANAD, AUGUST 13: Cngress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday pitched for tribal rights, and called that tribal brothers and sisters are the “original owners of the country”.
He also emphasized the rights of tribals and said that they should be given their rights on the land and forest.
“I have been travelling around the country and have met tribal brothers and sisters across India. There is the word called ‘Adivasis’, which means original owners of land. This means a particular wisdom, a particular understanding of the environment of the earth we live on…a particular relation with the planet we live on, and that also implies that they (tribals) are “original owners of this country”, Rahul Gandhi said while addressing a gathering after inaugurating a power facility at a hospital in Wayanad.
“They should be given rights on land, on forest and should be allowed and imagination to do whatever they want”, he added.
Calling tribals the original owners, Rahul Gandhi further said that they should allow their children to study engineering, become doctors, and lawyers or start businesses.
“You should also give the rights in the forest, of lands, and to forest produce. The entire planet should be open to you. You (Tribals) should not be restricted and categorized”, he added.
He further emphasized his second idea that uses the term ‘Vanvasi’ and said that there is a perverted logic behind the word ‘Vanvasi’.
“This is one idea and there is another idea that uses the term ‘Vanvasi’. We say Adivasi and the other side says ‘Vanvasi’. And there is a perverted logic behind the word ‘Vanvasi’. The word ‘Vanvasi’ denies that you are the original owners of India and it also restricts you to the jungle. The idea behind the word ‘Vanvasi’ is that you belong in the jungle and you should never leave the jungle. And this is simply not acceptable to us. We do not accept this word”, he said.
Rahul Gandhi inaugurated a power facility at Dr Ambedkar District Memorial Cancer Centre in Wayanad, and said that he is happy to give Rs 50 lakh from the MP fund.
“I am very happy to come here and inaugurate the power plant. I hope this electrical line will help the hospital. I am happy to give Rs 50 lakh from the MP fund. This hospital will get Rs 5 crore for good work from doctors”, Congress MP added. (ANI)