Friday, December 1, 2023
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Therie welcomes Women Reservation Bill

I welcome Women Reservation Bill although it falls short of celebration because it has been linked to decadal census and delimitation which may drag its feet. However, surely women reservation will come into effect by next State Assembly Elections and 2029 Parliamentary elections.
Congress has initiated women reservation and we are constant in our commitment. We hope and believe more women participation will change the political equations altogether. The State Assemblies and Parliament need natural essence in shaping policies and in planning for the welfare of the people. We are tired of rogue, silly and hate speeches. We can communicate diplomatically without provoking but with honour and love.
Women in the State must now prepare at all levels. Specially for ULBs and the State Assembly in the forthcoming elections. Women must now attend public meetings to understand the ongoing situations. My advice is to rely on official media for it is evidence.
To become a lawmaker, one is expected to understand the art of governing in imparting justice, equality, welfare and in safeguarding the fundamental rights of citizens. I convey my best wishes to womenfolk in the days to come.
K. Therie
Former Minister