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Therie throws a challenge at BJP leader BL Santhosh

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 3: Nagaland Congress Chief Kewekhape Therie has thrown a challenge at BJP leader BL Santhosh to clarify what he meant by his statement that Nagas of Nagaland are not yet ready or do not want Solution to Naga problem in the present form at this juncture.
“The reported statement by BL Santhosh at this juncture that Nagas are not ready in the State of Nagaland for a solution ought to be clarified in detail”, Therie told this Journalist here.
He said ~ as president of the Nagaland unit of Congress ~ “I do not represent the State of Nagaland or Nagas of Nagaland; nor does any other leader. But in my understanding only an elected Chief Minister does so.”
So, he says ~ by implication ~ “It is Mr Neiphiu Rio who represents the State and Nagas of Nagaland. I have nothing personal against him, but it is time our friend or a former friend Rio must clarify or prove his commitment to the people.”
Therie said, at the same time BL Santhosh (BJP general secretary, Organisation) should clarify the statement attributed to him.
“To the contrary of what leaders like Santhosh have said, my conviction is that Nagas of Nagaland are fed up of the impasse and extortion. Hence they want an early solution.”
At the same time, he said leaders such as Rio must prove that they stand by their own people in the State or they are directly or indirectly supporting Nagas outside Nagaland State more.
Answering questions, Therie said the Congress party is preparing well to fight the ensuing elections more sincerely than it was the case in 2018.
“We are at a critical phase; so these coming elections are more than crucial for Nagas”, he maintained asserting that his party will put up candidates in all 5 seats in Dimapur region and also in and around Kohima.
On the issue of corruption he said there are syndicates supported by unscrupulous elements working at Dimapur and Kohima and genuine contractors are being denied their due payments.
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