Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Therie demands VVPAT Ballot Paper voting to ECI

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Explains how EVMs can be misused

DIMAPUR, MAY 10: President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie demanded the Election Commission of India for VVPAT Ballot Paper voting in the elections stating that EVMs lack transparency.
Talking to media persons here today, Therie alleged that after BJP came to power, 19 lakhs EVMs have gone missing, which is run by State-run Companies.
He said that there is a court case in Bombay High Court going on for the last 4 years in regards to the EVMs, but the ECI has failed to file satisfactory reply. He disclosed that a Special Leave Petition has been file now to expeditiously dispose off the case.
He also alleged that the company has manufactured 40 lakhs EVMs, but the ECI has received only 20 lakhs. “Where have the 20 lakhs EVMs gone?” he asked.
He also explained if 91 crores voters are going to cast their vote in the country, only 12 to 14 lakhs EVMs would be required but the ECI has received 20 lakhs, adding 19 lakhs EVMs are being misused to commit vote thefts.
On the ECI defending the EVM claiming that it is tamper free, the NPCC president said there is no evidence to prove the claim. He added that during demonstration it was found that EVMs can be manipulated.
He stated that two EVM manufacturing companies are State-run and EVM engineers are appointed by the said Companies to supervise and maintain EVM in all Returning Officers Offices. He said the whole EVM can be replaced and duplicate control unit constructed or even control units reconstructed as mock demonstration shows.
Stating that all the data required to construct control unit are available with EVM engineers well ahead of time, Therie said seal paper can be removed without breaking and sealing paper can be pulled out to be used in another duplicate control unit.
There also over 19 lakh missing EVM in the market which are meant to manipulate vote, he said adding they need to shift hardly 5-10% of the votes to change the poll outcome.
Reiterating the demand of Nagaland Congress for VVPAT Ballot Paper voting, the NPCC president said the ECI has argued that if ballot paper is used for voting it would be lengthy and that counting of votes would take long time.
However, Therie said there would be no extra expenditure since VVPAT ballot paper would be only used and expenditure would also be reduced as control unit would not be required.
On counting of votes, Therie suggested that there should be ‘one day polling’ for the entire country and counting can resume at the same polling station itself with polling agents present.
In case the polling station is sensitive, the Returning Office can take it to the counting hall with security.
In case of re-polling, he suggesting that if the margin of votes is higher, there is no need for conducting re-polling.
Therie appealed to all political parties who think this would be better should come together and demand to the ECI for using VVPAT ballot paper voting, stating that it is the duty of the ECI to satisfy the voters.
He disclosed that the NPCC would be submitting a representation to the Election Commission of India. He further said that he would highlight the issue in the “Chintan Shivir” of the Congress at Udaipur.
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