There’s a lot of beauty in ageing gracefully: Rani Mukerji

There’s a lot of beauty in ageing gracefully: Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji turned a proud 40 this March. In a befitting celebration of sorts, Hichki, featuring her as Naina Mathur, a teacher afflicted by Tourette Syndrome, released the same month and went on to hit the right notes in terms of box-office profitability and audience reaction.
On being asked if women put themselves under great pressure to look young, she says, “For me, age is beautiful. When you are aging, you are growing up with so many experiences, so many memories. You can’t get the wisdom if you are young and what is the fun trying to look young in a non-organic way when you have already seen your youth? That’s the natural youth that you have passed and you have enjoyed that phase. You have to enjoy each age in your life. I have become who I am today because I have come to this age. There’s a lot of beauty in aging gracefully. I don’t think your aim has to be to look younger. As an actor I do believe that if I were to play a role-I can be challenged to play a 60-year-old, I can also be challenged to play a 20-year-old.”
Speaking of her role of Naina Mathur a teacher who suffers from Tourette Syndrome in the film, she says, “Somewhere I kind of connect with the specially abled. I don’t know if it’s a past birth experience or what? Somewhere I believe I have a connection and that’s why these roles come to me. Strangely, in my destiny these roles come to me and I accept it and do them. What I love about the especially abled is that they are very spirited and confident, unlike what people perceive them to be. And for me, that is the core that I like to touch emotionally with the characters. Even if you see Michelle McNelly (in Black), she is very spirited and Naina Mathur is no different.”
“My journey into motherhood and coming back to work was amazing because as a professional you don’t realize how much you miss your work till you take a break and come back to it,” she recaps, flashing her characteristic, high wattage smile.
She also informed that it was her husband, the renowned producer-director Aditya Chopra who insisted that she now step back in the spotlight and Mukerji, though worried about how the little one would manage without her, took the plunge. She now feels happier for it.
“My husband was after my life from the time that my baby was three months old. He was like ‘you are just getting so consumed. You have got to get back. Go back to your fans. You’ve got to do what you know best, be the professional that you are. Yes, you’ve become a mother but Adira is going to be with us forever so you don’t have to alter your life. Let it be a part of your life, not all your life.’ I think that encouragement helped me because if he had not nudged and pushed me, probably I would still be sitting with Adira and watching some other female actor do this interview,” quipped the actor.