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There are enough buildings for quarantine centers in Nagaland according to some findings

 Yapang Lkr

On going through the news item of the Nagaland Post Local dated 18-05-2020, the ANPSA requested the Government to review its decision in regard to the requisitioning of Private Schools and Hostels for utilization of its School/Hostel Premises as a Quarantine Centre for COVID-19. The Department of Planning & Co-Ordination under the state government had sanctioned huge amount of money to many Individuals, Institutions, NGOs, Societies, Tribal HOHO, and villages organizations etc for construction of Hostels, Institutions, Tribal Halls, Guest Houses, Lodges, Cultural Centre, Multipurpose buildings, Youth centre, Working women hostels, EMRS etc in almost all the Districts and even to a larger extent even to some villages in Nagaland. The projects undertaken w.e.f  2012 to 2018-19.

As per the records made available, which was furnished through RTI No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 27th September and No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 28th October 2019, the maximum numbers of Hostels were constructed at Kohima and Dimapur district headquarters. Though I am a lay man, I can easily understand that if the Government has actually constructed the under listed Hostels and other buildings as claimed by the Planning & Co-Ordination Department, such accommodation problems can no doubt be taken care of without disturbing the ANPSA. I understand that the returnees from outside of Nagaland and the front line workers can be easily accommodated in such buildings, whether they genuinely exist or not. Therefore, I request to Government of Nagaland to give directions to all the Deputy Commissioner to requisition these below mentioned Hostels and other relevant Buildings in the respective districts and the villages to facilitate the quarantine centre for returnees from outside of Nagaland in the interest of Nagaland;






1 Construction of Rusoma Tribal Hall Kohima Rs.44.00
2 Tribal working women hostel Kohima. Kohima Rs.20.00
3 Construction of Boys & girls Hostel at New Minister Hill Kohima Kohima Rs.30.00
4 Construction/Setting up of Tribal farmers Institute  Botsa Kohima Rs.100.00
5 Ao Union community centre Kohima Kohima Rs.15.00
6 Construction of girls Hostel at Jakhama Kohima Rs.20.00
7 Construction of Computer Training Institute at Chiechama Kohima Rs.30.00
8 Construction of girls Hostel at Merheleitsa Kohima Rs.10.00
9 Construction of working women Hostel at forest colony Kohima Rs.100.00
10 Construction of Tribal Working women lodge Kohima Rs.50.00
11 Construction of Cultural centre at Thuephema Kohima Rs.100.00
12 Construction of Computer Training Institute at Chichema Kohima Rs.80.00
13 Construction of tribal Bhavan Midland Kohima Kohima Rs.40.00
14 Tribal Culture Centre at Touphema Kohima Rs.100.00
15 Construction of Boys Hostel at Kithozou Viswema village Kohima Rs.50.00
16 Construction of ST women  Hostel Kashnayu under Tsemenyu Kohima Rs.15.00
17 Construction of Tribal Hostel at Sepfuzou under Kohima District Kohima Rs.70.00
18 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Kohima Kohima Rs.50.00
19 Construction of youth Residential Hall Pfuchama village Kohima Rs.200.00
20 Construction of community cum-Cultural hall Kohima village Kohima Rs.200.00
21 Construction of  Hostel Chandmari Kohima Rs.100.00
22 Construction of  Hostel High Court Kohima Kohima Rs.50.00
23 Rural Tribal Women Welfare community Hall Leri colony Kohima Rs.50.00
24 Construction of Conventional centre Chiephobozou Kohima Rs.100.00
25 Construction of Hostel at Sayoklu Viswema Kohima Rs.50.00
26 Construction of Hostel at Mewi School Kohima Kohima Rs.30.00
27 Construction of Hostel Near little flower School Kohima Rs.50.00
28 Construction of Girls Hostel Jhakha town Jakhama Kohima Rs.50.00
29 Construction of Tribal Hostel G.Rio School Kohima. Kohima Rs.300.00
30 Construction o Hostel Kigwema Kohima Rs.50.00
31 Construction of Tribal Hostel Upper PWD colony Kohima Kohima Rs.50.00
32 Skill Development Training Institute Kohima Kohima Rs.290.00
33 Tribal girls Hostel at Seikhazou Kohima Rs.195.00
34 Multipurpose Hall for tribal Merima village Kohima Rs.200.00
35 Construction of Mt. Olive College Hostel Koima Kohima. Rs. 50.00
36 Setting up of Tribal Hostel  Phesama Kohima Kohima Rs.30.00
37 Library cum-Hindi coaching Centre Zisunyu Tsemenyu sub-Division Kohima. Rs.75.00
38 Construction of Tribal Boys Hostel at New Ministers Hill Kohima Kohima Rs.49.90
39 Construction of Orphanage Home at Kohima village Kohima Rs.50.00
40 Construction of EMRS at Phenshenyu Tsemenyu Kohima Rs.800.00
41 EMRS at Phenshenyu Tsemenyu Sub –Division Kohima Rs.200.00
42 Construction of Hostel at Thongsu village attached to GHS Tsemenyu Kohima Rs.68.00
43 Construction of Hostel at  T.M School Kohima Kohima Rs.37.50
44 Tribal Hostel at John Higher Secondary School Viswema kohima Rs.50.00
45 Tribal Hostel Kohima Rs.95.66
46 Tribal Hostel L.Khel, Kohima Kohima Rs.50.00
47 Tribal Girls Hostel Seikhazuo Kohima Kohima Rs. 150.00
48 Youth Resources  Centre cum-Library Bayavu Kohima Kohima Rs.100.00
49 Vocational Training Centre Kohima Village Kohima Rs.100.00
50 Construction of 100 bedded Hostel for tribal girls Hostel at  Japfu Christian college Kipfuzha, Kigwema Kohima Kohima Rs.29.00
51 Tribal girls Hostel Aoyim Dimapur Rs.100.00
52 Up-gradation of girls Hostel Chumukidima Dimapur Rs.200.00
53 Tribal Girls Hostel Thilixu Dimapur Rs.150.00
54 Construction of Hostel at Selouphe Dimapur Dimapur Rs.73.00
55 Tribal girls Hostel at thilixu Dimapur Rs 170.00
56 Construction of Hostel at Arabil Dimapur Dimapur Rs.36.00
57 Construction of Hostel at Tenyiphe Dimapur Dimapur Rs.72.00
58 Construction of Hostel at  Naga United village Dimapur Dimapur Rs.109.00
59 Construction of tribal computer Centre at Chumukedima Dimapur Rs.40.00
60 Construction of tribal hostel building at Aoyimkum village. Dimapur Rs.25.00
61 Hostel at SeloupheDimapur Dimapur Rs. 85.00
62 Hostel at Medziphema Dimapur Rs.70.00
63 Hostel at Virazouma Dimapur Rs.60.00
64 Construction of Tribal Girls Hostel at Kushiabil Dimapur Dimapur Rs 43.40
65 Tribal Girls Hostel Dimapur Dimapur Rs.80.00
66 Construction of Tribal Students Hostel at Vidya Auditorium cum IT lab at Vidya Bhavan School C.Khel Kuda village Dimapur Rs.200.00
67 Construction of  Hostel at Kacharigaon Dimapur Rs.50.00
68 Construction of Hostel at Kanghaboto Dimapur Dimapur Rs.50.00
69 Tribal sports Centre Sovima Dimapur Rs.100.00
70 Construction of Multipurpose hall at Selouphe SAGY village Dimapur Rs.50.00
71 Construction of Hostel Dimapur Rs.50.00
72 Construction of Tribal Hostel Sovima Dimapur Rs.200.00
73 Construction of minority tribal girls hostel at Nagarjan Dimapur Rs.65.00
74 Construction of United Tribal Hostel at Naharbari Dimapur Rs.25.00
75 Construction of tribal co-educational centre at Khermahal Dimapur Rs.100.00
76 Construction of Tribal Welfare centre for under privileged Students  at Model Village Dimapur Dimapur Rs.60.00
77 Construction of Community Training Institute, power House, Burma Camp Dimapur Rs.40.00
78 Setting up of Computer Training centre for STs at Purana Bazar, dimapur Backward class Development Society Dimapur Rs.95.00
79 Construction of Multi utility at Jopukhri Purana Bazar village area Dimapur Rs.50.00
80 Construction of tribal Bhavan Longsa Union Dimapur Rs.15.00
81 Construction of tribal Old age Day care Home at padumpukhuri A Sector Dimapur Rs.100.00
82 Construction of Community building at Kashiiram Dimapur Rs.20.00
83 Construction of  Gilgal Orphanage School Padumpukhuri Dimapur Rs.50.00
84 Construction of Rural Youth training centre for flamingoz at Razhaphe Basa Dimapur Rs.150.00
85 Construction of Computer Training Institute for Oriental Theological College Seminary. Dimapur Rs.100.00
86 Construction of Chakesang Computer Institute Dimapur Dimapur Rs.25.00
87 Establishment of Hostel at Industrial Estate Area Dimapur Rs.20.00
88 Construction  of Computer institute for Oriental Teological Seminary Dimapur Rs.30.00
89 Construction of Tribal Girls hostel & Computer Training centre, United Village Dimapur Rs.20.00
90 Construction of Boys Hostel at Medziphema Dimapur Rs.70.00
91 Nehemiah Mission Hostel (Kingdom Musical centre Walford) Dimapur Rs.15.00
92 Multipurpose Hall Medziphema  town Dimapur Rs.50.00
93 Construction of Urban Tribal Hostel Complex Padampukhri Dimapur Rs.50.00
94 Razhaphe Basa tribal hall Dimapur Rs.35.00
95 Construction of Tribal Hostel for backward tribe at Dimapur Dimapur Rs.40.00
96 Construction of Tribal Hostel for 100 girls of Tuensang & Mon Padamphukri Dimapur. Dimapur Rs.40.00
97 Construction of United tribal Hostel at 5th Mile Dimapur Dimapur Rs.25.00
98 Construction of tribal students Hostel at Chumokidima Dimapur Rs. 35.00
99 Construction of tribal youth Hostel at Padamphukri Dimapur Rs.20.00
100 Construction/Setting up of Tribal farmers Institute  Niathu Chumukidima Dimapur Rs.100.00
101 Construction of multipurpose Agape Hall Dimapur Rs. 50.00
102 Construction of tribal women hostel at Jalukie Peren Rs. 25.00
103 Schedule tribe Youth Hostel at Jalukie town Peren Rs.20 .00
104 Construction/Setting up of Tribal farmers Institute  Nkliwa Peren Rs.50.00
105 Construction of Tribal Boys Hostel at Peren Peren Rs.248.00
106 Construction of Tribal Welfare Centre Peren Rs.100.00
107 Construction of Tribal Welfare Centre for under privileged students Peren Rs.80.00
108 Construction of Baudi community building at Peren New HQ Peren Rs.40.00
109 Completion of Rangkau Mission Hostel Peren Peren Rs.50.00
110 District Multipurpose Community Hall Centre (Peren) Peren Rs.25.00
111 Farmers Training Centre (Ngwalwa) Peren Rs.20.00
112 Setting up of vocational training centre at New Peren Peren Rs.15.00
113 Construction of Tribal women hostel at Jalukie town Peren Rs.20.00
114 Construction of Tribal Guest House Pulwa Peren Rs.150.00
115 Community Multipurpose Hall Ncharan Village Peren Rs.25.00
116 Construction of Youth Sports Training Centre at Mhaikam Peren Rs.50.00
117 Construction of Tribal Girls Hostel at Peren Peren Rs.49.90
118 Construction of tribal boys  and Girls Hostel Ngwala town Peren Rs.50.00
119 Construction of Tribal boys Hostel at Tinning Hereka Peren Peren Rs. 49.90
120 Construction of Hostel at Jaluki Peren Rs.68.00
121 Construction of tribal girls hostel at Chuchuyimlang Mokokchung Rs.29.00
122 Construction of Tribal community centre at Longmisa Mokokchung Rs.5.00
123 Construction of Tribal community centre at Penli ward Mokokchung Rs.15.00
124 Construction of Tribal community Hall at  Mongsenbai Mokokchung Rs.10.00
125 Construction of Multipurpose Training Institute for youth at Sangtemla ward Mokokchung Rs.27.00
126 Auditorium at Tribal school Longsa Mokokchung Rs.35.00
127 Elite Tribal Hostel Sangtemla Ward Mokokchung Rs.10.00
128 Construction/Setting up of Tribal farmers Institute  Ungma Mokokchung Rs.100.00
129 Construction of Tribal Hall Longmisa Mokokchung Rs. 5.00
130 Construction of community guest house at Longsa Village Mokokchung Rs.55.00
131 Construction of rural Youth sports Complex at Chuchuyimlang Mokokchung Rs.100.00
132 Construction of Tribal School at Mangkolemba Mokokchung Rs.15.00
133 Construction of tribal Bhavan at Arkong ward Mokokchung Rs.10.00
134 Community Bhavan cum-cultural centre at Khensa Village Mokokchung Rs.90.00
135 Construction of Medemtiungba Kin Community hall cum guest house Mokokchung Rs.65.00
136 Construction of Tribal Bhavan Kangtsung Village Mokokchung Rs.20.00
137 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Yaongyimsen Mokokchung Rs.75.00
138 Multi Utility building Khar village Mokokchung Rs.25.00
139 Improvement of Rural Students  Hostel at Tuli Mokokchung Rs.1.35
140 Construction of Human Resource Centre at Mokokchung Mokokchung Rs.25.00
141 Setting up of Multipurpose Hall Cum- Computer Centre for Youth at Merangkong village Mokokchung Rs.40.00
142 Construction of Hostel at Mokokchung Mokokchung Rs. 37.50
143 Construction of Tribal Boys and Girls Hostel at Senayangba Higher Secondary School Ungma Village. Mokokchung Rs.150.00
144 Multipurpose Hakk with indoor Sports facilities Kikruma Phek Rs.100.00
145 Multipurpose Hall with indoor Sports facilities Khezhakeno Phek Rs.100.00
146 Construction of Hostel-cum-Auditorium at Pfutsero Phek Rs.107.00
147 Construction of Hostel at Sukesta EAC Hq attached to GHS Phek Phek Rs.75.00
148 EMRS at KadePfutsuro Phek Rs. 200.00
149 Construction of EMRS at Kade, Pfutsero, Phek Phek Rs.800.00
150 Construction of Tribal Girls Hostel at Phek Phek Rs.56.90
151 Construction of Girls Hostel at PhusachoduVillge Phek Rs.  45.00
152 Construction of 10(ten) tourist cottage at Sedzu valley under thenyizu village. Phek Rs.100.00
153 Tribal Girls Hostel Phek Phek Rs.100.00
154 Girls Hostel at Pholami Govt. High School Pholami village Phek Rs.215.00
155 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Phek Town Phek Rs.100.00
156 Construction of  Hostel Porba village Phek Rs.50.00
157 Construction of Tribal Hostel at Middle Khomi village Phek Phek Rs.30.00
158 Construction of  Hostel K.Basa village Phek Rs.50.00
159 Construction of Tribal Hall Hikromi village Phek Rs.100.00
160 Construction of Tribal Hall Kami village Phek Rs.100.00
161 Construction of community Multipurpose Complex hall at Thipuzu village Phek Rs.100.00
162 Construction of tribal Bhavan at Khrolizou Phek Rs. 5.00
163 Construction of Tribal Hostel at Pfutsuro Phek Rs.27.00
164 Construction of Tribal  welfare centre at Alisopur Tuensang Rs. 5.00
165 Construction/Setting up of Tribal farmers Institute  Noklak Tuensang Rs.100.00
166 Construction of Tribal Youth Training Centre Tuensang Rs.30.00
167 Construction of Community Hall at Sotokhur EAC HQ Tuensang Rs.70.00
168 Construction of tribal Lodge at Noklak Tuensang Rs.50.00
169 Community Cum- Multipurpose Hall at Phangsa village Noklak Tuensang Rs.50.00
170 Construction of girls Hostel SedamPolythnic Tuensang Rs.75.00
171 Construction of Tribal  Hostel  Shamator Tuensang Rs.50.00
172 Construction of Boys Hostel Thonokyu Tuensang Rs.50.00
173 Construction of Tribal Girls Hostel at Yangpi Village Tuensang Rs.100.00
174 Construction of Tribal Boys Hostel at Noklak Tuensang Rs.60.00
175 Construction of Tribal Hostel for girls Sorokur Tuensang Rs.25.00
176 Setting up of Computer Centre at Chipurthonokyu Tuensang Rs.25.00
177 Construction of Hostel at Noklak Tuensang Rs.33.00
178 Construction of Hostel at Chen Town Mon Mon Rs.71.00
179 Construction of  Tribal boys Hostel Mon Mon Rs.50.00
180 Community Cum- Multipurpose Hall at Schingnyu village Mon Rs.50.00
181 Construction of tribal Hostel at Mon Mon Rs.65.00
182 Construction of Community Hall at Tizit Mon Rs.25.00
183 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Tang Village Mon Rs.100.00
184 Construction of Training Centre at Mon town Mon Rs.50.00
185 Construction of Cultural Centre at Longwa Mon Rs.50.00
186 Construction of Community Multipurpose training Institute at Tizit Mon Rs.50.00
187 Construction of Tribal Co-educational centre at tizit Mon Rs.90.00
188 Construction of Tribal community centre at Sangnyu Village Mon Rs.10.00
189 Construction of Tribal BhavanWokha Wokha Rs.25.00
190 Construction of Tribal Youth Training Centre Wokha Rs.35.00
191 Construction of Tribal BhavanLakhuti Wokha Rs.15.00
192 Construction of Tribal Rural Bhavan at Riphyim old village Wokha Rs.13.00
193 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Wokha Wokha Rs.75.00
194 Construction of Multipurpose Centre Wokha Wokha Rs.100.00
195 Construction of Guest House at Falcon view  point Riphyim Wokha Rs.69.30
196 Construction of Lotha Tribal council Hall Wokha Rs.200.00
197 Construction of Hostel at Wokha Town Wokha Rs.73.00
198 Construction of Hostel at Longleng Longleng Rs.35.50
199 Working Women Hostel at Yongyah ADC HQ Longleng Rs.20.00
200 Construction of S.T Girls Hostel Longleng Longleng Rs.50.00
201 Multipurpose Hall at Yachem Longleng Longleng Rs.50.00
202 Construction of community Hall at Longleng Longleng Rs.25.00
203 Construction of community Multipurpose training Institute at Longleng Longleng Rs.50.00
204 Construction of tribal Bhavan at Shitap, Longleng Rs.10.00
205 Construction of Yimlong Guest House at District HQ Longleng Rs. 30.00
206 Construction of tribal Hall at Kiphire Kiphire Rs. 85.00
207 Multipurpose Hall at Seyochung Kiphire Rs.30.00
208 Tribal Boys Hostel Kiphire Kiphire Rs.100.00
209 Construction of Tribal lodge  at phangsa kiphire Rs.80.00
210 Construction of Youth Resource Centre at Kiphire Kiphire Rs.30.00
211 Construction of Rural tribal Hostel at Pungro ADC HQ Kiphire Rs. 25.00
212 Construction of Hostel at Kiphire Kiphire Rs.35.50
213 Construction of Hostel at Gatashi Zunheboto Rs.35.50
214 Construction of girls Hostel Akuluto Zunheboto Rs. 50.00
215 Construction of Village council Hall Kawato village Zunheboto Rs.25.00
216 Multipurpose Hall at Nunumi village Zunheboto Rs.50.00
217 Construction of Tribal Hall Zunheboto Zunheboto Rs.200.00
218 Multipurpose Hall at Suruhoto Zunheboto Rs.25.00
219 Construction of community Multipurpose training Institute at Zunheboto Zunheboto Rs.50.00
220 Construction of tribal Bhavan Sapotimi Village Zunheboto Rs.10.00
221 Construction of tribal lodge Yehemi village Zunheboto Rs.10.00
222 Construction of hostel at Chokriba   Rs.50.00
223 Construction of Multipurpose Hall cum- Badminton Stadium   Rs.75.00


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