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Theja Meru encourages Naga musicians to have international vision

TafMA release two singles

KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 5: Advisor TaFMA Theja Meru encouraged musicians of Nagaland to have an international vision while being part of the local body at the release of the singles in the Hip-Hop genre, “Wish I was you” by Poz Poz (Kepozo Kapuh) and “Doomsday” by Yoto Khuso at RCEMPA, Jotsoma on February 5.
He said the Naga musicians should embody a mindset where they should prepare themselves to compete with the best in the world at the international platform and not confine their competition within Nagaland.
Stating that competitions, be it in music or other avenues are getting tougher with each passing day, he further encouraged the musicians to strive for the best and not to be contend with a second place finish.
He also shared that his expectation from Naga musicians is to be highly organised and consistent in their productivity.
While congratulating the Artistes for their debut singles, Meru said that there is huge potential in the music given the popularity of hip-hop music and the direction the genre is taking in present-day world. He further advised the artiste to keep on keep on writing more songs.
CEO of Table 3, LC Sekhose said that the music released on Saturday was the product of Inception II, a challenge organised as a part of the Nagaland Hip-hop Festival 2021 where the artistes rose up through various stages on online platforms with over 40 participants across Nagaland.
Sharing the inspiration behind “Wish I was you”, 18-year-old Kepozo Kapuh who goes by the stage name Poz Poz said the song was about him coming to terms with realities of life, depression and suicidal tendencies.
My early teenage years were filled with jealousy, envy and hatred toward the rich kids who have everything they want in life.
Since I’m from a not so well to do family, I was just angry at my life and angry at the world.
It was also at this point where I picked up substance abuse, went into depression and was having suicidal thoughts.
“Fortunately, I met a good friend who showed me to let it all go and begin anew. Today, as I release this song I’m glad to declare that I don’t harbour those feelings and thoughts anymore and I’m trying to make the best from the life that I am blessed with,” stated Kapuh.
He also shared that at the time of writing the song, the Oting killings happened and it hurt him so bad.
Therefore, even though the song was about jealousy, depression and suicide, “I decided to omit a verse and replace it with a tribute to lives lost in the Oting Killing,” he said.
Yoto Khusoh from Chozuba also shared that his song “Doomsday” has direct inspiration from the Oting Killings.
The 18-year-old said that the incident had a deep impact on his life with so many overwhelming emotion.
The song is my submission that I’d prefer a zombie apocalypse every time over the black days of my Naga brothers where they struggled without hope.
CEO Table 3, LC Sekhose informed that the songs will be uploaded on Youtube on Saturday evening.
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