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‘The Stubborn Heart’ formally released

Stubborn heart

Dimapur, December 20: Noting that Naga men have been writing and in fact, the first Nagas to write, Dr. Theyiesinuo Keditsu however said, “they have been writing mostly nonfiction or historical documents and hardly Naga men who write literary works.” She stated this during the formal release of “The Stubborn Heart” written by Wedekhro Naro, published by PenThrill Publication House.
She said this work of Wedekhro is very significant while making mention of male fiction writers like Sentilong Ozukum and Lhütü Keyho and added that “it is important for men to cross over the domain of men and women to cross over the domain of women” which would give a holistic approach of the Nagas.
She remarked that Naro’s work disrupts the Naga narrative. “Through his writings, he is exercising his prerogative as a writer in the society”, she stated. By addressing issues such as pre-marital sex and other controversial things in his book, she said that these are issues and realities our young people grapple with. “As long as the society continues to pretend that these do not exist, we have a problem”, she also noted.
Reiterating the importance and significance of political advances that Wedekhro Naro makes through his writings, she said, this is not only in terms of the subjects the author addresses but also the language as well wherein he is writing about the Naga life, the Naga world and the Naga experience in Naga English.
She further commented on the authors “female characters”, who, she added “are the kind of Naga women that we actually meet.” Stating that his writings disrupts out sense of comfort, she said, it makes us uncomfortable to make us realize the reality we are comfortable with but that, which is perhaps not the reality.
In her book preview, Vetalü­ Theyo said although the book is fiction, it was like reading the author’s diary while commenting that the author has his way of making the readers believe that the story is honest to goodness and makes the readers curious. She said that readers will absolutely enjoy the book in one sitting as the story is short, fast paced and an enjoyable read besides being packed with a bundle of feelings.
Stating that the humour is something one needs to look for, she pointed out that author’s wittiness is a no brainer and “the character definitely grows on you and by the time you close the book, you’ll feel you know them in real”, she added.
Although the book is titled “The Stubborn Heart”, she said, it may give the impression that this book talks only about love but you’ll be in for a treat on how the author touches many topics such as insurgents, entrepreneurship, family, God and many more.”
“As you go on reading, you’ll find yourself in the last page rummaging through the well put story and flying through the pages. Then you’ll find the answer to why the book is titled “the stubborn heart”, she highlighted.
Theyo further remarked that the author’s word choice, sentence structure, figurative language and the arrangements are simple, bold and sets the right tone.
In her publisher’s note, Vishü Rita Krocha said that “for those who came from an oral tradition of literature like ours, the ‘fire place’ was an important place of learning, where our history, our culture, and a whole lot of information were passed down from one generation to the other.”
Stating that today, “fire place stories have been replaced with the world of technology”, she however remarked that this does not, in any way, indicate that “our stories” have become less important and asserted that “we must carry forward this legacy of storytelling by writing and telling our own stories.”
In that sense, she noted that “Wedekhro Naro has wonderfully managed to tell one of these stories that must serve as a reminder that we know our stories best, also because when we tell them ourselves, we bring in elements of lived experiences, which makes it even more meaningful.”
She also observed that the new breed of Naga writers, “are exploring not only our history of conflict, but also the contemporary world that young Nagas today live in.”
“As is with any of Wedekhro’s books, he has been so brave and courageous to talk about young people and sex, which, most of us Naga writers don’t dare to venture into”, she added.
Other highlights of the event included prayer by Rev. Kedo Peseyie, Pastor, City Church, Kohima while the programme was chaired by Theyiebino Whiso.
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