Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Sangtamlaru Thsingmugang distributes food and water to stranded passengers

sangtam distributesDimapur, March 29: In the chaos of Coronavirus, when the entire world is in standstill, people are quarantined in their homes, and number of people are stuck on the Railway Station of Dimapur without money, food, water and basic amenities, members of the Sangtamlaru Thsingmugang, a Sangtam women’s social organization, Dimapur took an initiative to distribute food and water to stranded passengers and destitute at flyover footpath and railway station of Dimapur today.
President of The Sangtamlaru Thsingmugang, Athrongla Sangtam said, “We have taken this initiative to extend our helping hand to people who are suffering because of the lockdown”, she further added, “the role of our organization has always been service oriented, we always believed and practiced that “service to mankind is worship to God”.
“We will continue to serve wherever our service is needed”, she concluded. (Page News Service)