Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The Importance of Truth and Courage

The recent statement by the Adviser for School Education and SCERT in Nagaland has drawn significant attention. In the statement, the Adviser spoke about employing certain tribes in his Department. It is commendable that the Adviser was willing to talk about the truth despite potential backlash. On the other hand, those who ignore social and economic injustices and conform to trends are not contributing to the struggle for social justice.
The Adviser’s statement has sparked controversy, and some individuals have launched attacks against him. However, it is crucial that all rational and sensible Nagas and non-Nagas support the Adviser in his quest for social justice in his Department for the underprivileged and backward populations. The geography and development disparities in the State have adversely affected these populations.
The tribes residing in the eastern part of Nagaland are demanding a separate status due to social and economic injustices perpetrated by their fellow Naga brethren. They seek equal representation in politics, Government service, contracts, supplies and other facilities proportionate to their population size. For instance, the Konyaks, the most populous tribe in Nagaland, only have ten MLAs, while other smaller tribes have an equal number. To ensure fairness and impartiality in dealings with every tribe in Nagaland, every Government Department must publish regular employee statistics reflecting the numbers from each tribe. They will help them understand where they stand and whether the State Government is adopting a discriminatory policy or trying to rectify a flawed policy of the past for the overall State development without any partiality.
Great appreciation to the Honorable Adviser for demonstrating tremendous courage!
Besesayo Kezo, IPS Retd. DGP