Thursday, March 4, 2021
Creative Writings

The “If” And “Cannot” Of Naga Nationalism

If “revelation” was just a creation of man pretending to be God;
and if human history was just a fairy tale of monkeys evolving into man;
Then why should I waste my time defending my unique history and my lands?
After all, when another country is ready to pay for my development and my sustenance,
Why should I shed my blood and my tears fighting such a benevolent country?

If Law and justice were the regional propriety of a multicultural world,
and there was no universal law proceeding from the mouth of God for all of creation;
then I would also keep mouth shut and allow lawlessness to reign on earth.
After all, why should I endanger my own life and that of my family,
Speaking for justice and peace in my corner of the world?

If human history was a product of chance and everything in it was relative,
Then why should I talk about my absolute political and geographical rights
In a global world that has n o political or geographical boundaries?
After all, if I am entitled to a global citizenship passport
That will allow me to settle down in any country of my choice,
Then why should I be fighting for a tiny portion of land called My Nagaland?

BUT because all the above presumptions are untrue to reality as vindicated by history,
I cannot lay down my sword and allow the occupier of my country
to rule me and my kith and kin with her military might and the most unjust laws under heaven.
After all, if I were to give my consent for such evil to reign in my land,
Then I would be a collaborator with the Devil and betray my humanity as well as my fatherhood.

Kaka D. Iralu