Thursday, July 29, 2021
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The darkest scandal in independent India

Dear Madam,
6th December 1992 remains the darkest scandal in independent India. Much before the world got introduced to the vandalism by the Taliban with the destruction of the Bamyan Buddha being the most notorious, the whole world witnessed Talibanism with horror through the barbaric demolition of Babri Masjid relegating all norms of civility dignity decency to oblivion and making a mockery of all things law and justice. Not to forget the marauding Rath Yatras beforehand in the name of Ramjanmabhoomi movement sparking communal disharmony on its journey path or the post demolition riots carnages killings curfews in various parts of the country!
When minimum sense of ethics and accountability(as should be in a law-abiding civilized country) demand that the brutes who physically brought down the mosque should be awarded severest form of punishment possible along with their political/religious patrons who instigated it; the scandalous fact remains that far from sentencing a single person even after almost 27 years of the dark chapter, the only talks and rhetoric which we are continuously hearing revolve around the construction of the proposed grand Ram Temple on the forcibly vacated site, whether Ram had taken birth there, who are the rightful claimants of the land or what would be the share of each of the contending parties! Not a single talk upon the unfathomable violence unleashed there in that cold December, destruction of a historical property resembling Indian heritage and psychological assault upon a particular minority community! Indeed nothing is more tragic or miserable than this ongoing specimen of “Justice delayed is Justice denied”!
If India sincerely desires to be perceived as a civilized State where justice and humanity call the last shot; then not only maximum energy and time should be invested to ensure exemplary punishment for the culprits(and their instigators) who demolished the mosque, the Babri Masjid should also be rebuilt brick by brick upon that very site where it stood for centuries without any ifs and buts.
As for the “proud” Indians/Hindus who propagate the theory of Babri Masjid built upon a Ram/Hindu temple or after demolishing it; they should remain enlightened of the basic fact that just like time, history also can’t be rewinded! If they still continue to harp on correcting “historical wrongs”, then they should also demolish the Hindu temples in various parts of India which were built by destructing Buddhist sites many many centuries ago and rebuild shrines in the honour of the Buddha on those very places! And the “upper caste” Hindus who gloat about their Aryan ancestry should immediately leave the country and head to Central Asia or Eastern Europe from wherever their mythical ancestors came down to the India!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata