Saturday, May 8, 2021
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The Commission Lives On

(NMM-NBCC Prayer Week)
Christianity in Nagaland is almost 150 years old. The year 2022 is going to be the Sesquicentennial year of the coming of the gospel to our land. Prior to that the Nagas lived in a world of our own. But God in his mercy and Grace found us and now we have a majority Christian state.
Every year, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council designates the first week of May as the Nagaland Missions Movement (NMM) week of prayer. Mission week is not only a time to solicit mission support for our missionaries and the mission work. It is also a time to recall the faithfulness of God and be grateful to him for his grace, mercy and love for the Nagas. We are the beneficiary of the Great Salvation.
For the last 50 years, the Nagas have gone out of our comfort zone with the gospel. Much has been sacrificed and accomplished but much is asked of us and still desired because we are blessed in so many ways. Prayer letter and appeal has gone out from NMM to associations and churches to meaningfully dedicate the seven days to pray for mission. This year as we participate in the mission week, let us pray the God of harvest will send more labourers to the filed. Let us also pray for our missionaries and their families during this difficult times. Pray for their protection. Pray that God will give the growth to the seeds that are planted. Let us pray that as believers, beneficiaries of the great salvation we will find our place in the mission of God. We are called not only to believe in him but most importantly we are given the task and the command to go. The work of the Great Commission is still a process because The commission lives on and we all have a role to play. May we find our place in the Great Commission, be it in giving, praying and going.

Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho
General Secretary, NBCC.

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