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The Commendable Of 2020 In Nagaland

— Thepfulhouvi Solo. IFS Retd [Rr-68]
People in Nagaland some years ago use to say: ‘nothing seems to succeed in Nagaland’: the public dejection in the State went that far and people felt Nagaland is the Mother of all violent activities in the whole of the Northeast.
This is all due to a two-in-one combination of the barrel of the gun and the violent conduct of Naga National political activities by Naga Groups: Every Naga is a political animal such that no one himself or herself owns the trouble of the Naga National politics by the barrel of the gun.
In a way, the top Guns in India were also to an extent responsible for the tangle because they closed water tight all roads of democratic discourses with the Naga and who thus felt pushed to the corner from where there was no other way than to charge out.
Things turned for the better when India opened the road broader for democratic discourse by appointment of an Interlocutor in the discourse between the two “identities”.
There were some initial hic-ups but things got set by the appointment of R.N. Ravi, a diplomatic bureaucrat by no other person than Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India.
Every person knows how a day begins: It first starts in murky dusk, then dawn, then to early morning light grows itself, followed by Sunrise and finally full daylight.
Of the commendable things of 2020 in Nagaland, the first must be the Governorship of R.N. Ravi in addition to he being the Interlocutor: With his coming to Nagaland, Violence has subsided much of its sound and Peace has come like morning dawn to the State.
The long turbulent history of Nagaland can not be discoursed in just a few sittings alone and the Interlocutor has the patience not only for the endless Hohos, numberless NGO’s and Guinness Book Records of Associations and Bodies of Nagaland. A person displays his honesty not by big Talk alone but by significant small expressions of reality.
The Interlocutor has had the longest, if difficult and significant uneasy interactions with the Naga and perhaps no other Indian has read the Naga Nature and experienced it more than RN. Ravi. I enquired from half a dozen of Senior Citizens and the concurred my readings.
I told the Pastor of my Church that in my view the Police of Nagaland, despite the uncomfortable unease I felt for a few people who died in Police Custody, the Police in Nagaland have performed commendable good Tasks: “Yes, on the whole, I too feel the same except for their beating of a doctor in Wokha or so of other, they deserve Mention in the Public”, the Pastor replied.
Then not to be forgotten is the Municipal Workers who kept working without let even in the heat of the Pandemic and kept Kohima Streets and City clean. How can we thank them? They definitely deserve public Thanks. Once this Writer hosted a friend and his wife from Assam during the Hornbill Festival; one evening they were taken round the Village and informed them it is my Village. They said: “It does not look like Village, it must be the Town”. Well, the Village Councils are turning the Villages into Towns!
The Year 2020 could well be known as the Year of the ‘Corona-Virus’ in future history books and how much the Nurses, the Doctors and the Health Workers have toiled: they worked without rest day and night, and at great personal risk. To them be Glory given!
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