Sunday, June 20, 2021
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The Commendable of 2020 In Nagaland

Every villager knows the day begins at the Rooster crows at the third period of the Night. The Cock senses the coming of the Day before human being comes to know of it and makes the third call of the night. Then the night imperceptibly it dawns into twilight and then without any clue to early morning light of Sunrise ushering full daylight.
Peace came to Nagaland slowly and peacefully just like the morning turns into day since the appointment of R.N. Ravi, -a diplomatic bureaucrat- by no other person than Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India.
It appears it has become a fashion for quit someone these days in Nagaland to blame and criticise the Governor: a mere educational person even instructed the Governor, the top person in the University, to “immediately pack-up and get out of the State”!
However; of the commendable people in Nagaland of the year 2020, the Interlocutor between the GoI and the Naga NPPGs, R.N Ravi in addition to being the Honourable Governor of the State must perhaps be the one who comes first.
With his coming to our land, Violence has subsided perceptibly and a semblance of Peace has arived. Regarding the political solution; it must be said that it is now in the hands of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his confidants like Home Minister Amitshah; and officially or personally; if any Indian today has any say to influence the decisions of the Prime Minister in the Indo-Naga Political Issue, it is RN Ravi; and he must be convinced of the Rights and Reasonableness of the IM.
He is not expected to plead for the Naga, but so far he has appeared to have been as fair as he could have to the Naga and has not publicly aired any bad things about the Naga, even about the IM.
The long turbulent history of Nagaland can not be discussed in just a few sittings of meeting alone and the Interlocutor has great patience not only to the endless Hohos, numberless NGO’s and Guinness Book Records of Associations and Bodies of Nagaland. A person displays his honesty not just in big one Talk alone but by many significant small expressions of reality.
The Interlocutor has had the longest, if difficult and significantly uneasy interactions with the Naga and perhaps no other Indian has seen the wide range of Naga Nature or experienced it more than India Representative RN. Ravi: half a dozen Senior Citizens of Nagaland have expressed similar readings of the Governor and the Interlocutor.
I told the Pastor of my Church that in my view the Police in Nagaland -in spite of the unease I felt at the death of a few people who died in Police Custody- and “their beating of a civil doctor in Wokha, we do not approve; otherwise they deserve commendable mention in the Public”, the Pastor replied.
Then not to be forgotten for their tireless work without any complaint; the Municipal Workers kept working without let even in the heat of the Pandemic and kept the Streets and City of Kohima clean: definitely they deserve public Thanks. A Retd Officer-friend and his wife from Assam during a Hornbill Festival; taken round the VILLAGE one evening said: “It does not look like a Village, it must be the Town”: the Village Councils are turning Villages in the State into clean Towns!?
The Year 2020 in future history books could well become known as the Year of World ‘Corona-Virus’ Pandemic: the Nurses, the Doctors and the Health Workers have toiled and worked without rest day and night, at great personal risk: To them be the Glory in this historic Pandemic!
Thepfulhouvi Solo. IFS Retd [Rr-68]

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