Friday, December 4, 2020
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The booby-trapping of money

The new trends of making money in Naga style without shedding sweat reminds me of how hunters use booby-trap to trap beast or during combat soldiers use it to destroy enemy. Hunters dug out deep pit on the path of animals and covered the opening of the pit with ordinary sheets of dry leaves or grass which spot should look as natural as the surrounding area. Any animal that passes by the path and steps upon the pit unsuspectingly will be trapped in the pit. Also, during combat of war, explosive or any lethal weapon is strategically positioned underneath the ground or in the jungle in camouflage which can go off when the object is touched by unsuspecting enemy.
In the context of Nagaland, I found new trends of Nagas using similar method as booby-trap to unduly earn money. Such unethical manoeuvres are used to extract money by Nagas who are mostly moral-less due to Godlessness. For those rascals who can rob any private individual or any Govt. Department on any given opportunity will not hesitate to go to any extent in using any method of booby-trap to trap money. Such people do have the atheist mentality as they consider crime to be no sin. Such people do not believe that God created mankind not to die but to live forever, and perhaps they believe that life on earth is the end. These people are bereft of shame, fear and taboo in the total composite of their characters. Thus, these people have gut to indulge in shameful acts which they consider it be a pride and achievement.
There may be several of such booby-traps used by Nagas conveniently which I do not know except the following few instances.
1. RTI: The RTI has been abused by the so-called RTI activists. I believe there are professional and part time RTI activists. Every RTI petitioner is not a crook. There are those RTI activists having compassionate heart who have been doing great services to the common man by trying to bring corrective measures in the interest of Nagaland. Whereas, there are such RTI activists abusing the Act since the inception of the law. How have such opportunists been misusing the law is to file RTI petition against a given issue and then make smart bargain for withdrawal in exchange of substantial amount of money. Perhaps, the greater is the sensitivity of the issue, the bigger is the amount of money the petition fetches. Possibly, today those professional activists do not do any other business but only file petitions and earn big money since Nagaland is fertile for such business. The more corruption remains rampant, the greener is the pasture for the professionals. In my imagination, perhaps those professionals have hi-fi life style sporting clean-shaven head with dark goggles and driving SUVs. Such activists have developed-superiority complex despite being criminal as they managed to trample many powerful but corrupt bureaucrats and corrupt politicians who are prisoners to such significant criminals.
2. Assembly Questions: When an Assembly session is convened, the MLAs belonging to both ruling and Opposition are given the opportunity to put the Starred and Un-Starred questions on any subject relating to the affairs of Nagaland. Till 203, I never came across any of such instance where an MLA, the questioner, withdrew his Assembly question in exchange for money. Whereas, there seems to have the practice of putting questions on public welfare matters by an MLA, and when the reply is considered to be entailing severe ramifications, the concerned Department negotiates with the questioner who then withdraws his question with his palms lubricated. This is how the standard of today’s NLA is lowered as the elected representatives failed to upkeep their integrity.
3. Political Party candidate for sale: Another new business trend in Nagaland is posing as winnable candidate for an Assembly Constituency in any election and apply for a party ticket. And when the ticket so applied is allotted, file nomination and then enter into negotiation with the potential opponent and finally withdraw from the fray in favour of the opponent. The elections in Nagaland is the most expensive in the country because the Nagas are unique indeed. Any candidate’s coffer is made dry unavoidably. On the contrary, the modern candidate business can possibly wet the coffer. This new trend can harass the opponent financially in lieu of causing political burden on the opponent. This business, if expanded, can become a booming business. In future, I believe more candidates will file nominations for withdrawal to make big bucks.
4. % deduction of money: Nagaland, being Christian State, does not need law to levy any tax from the public. Whereas, in any of the other States in the country, no tax can be levied unless so passed by the Assembly. Whereas, the citizens of Nagaland are found to be the most meek and compassionate human beings on earth to remain silent and obediently obliged to let anyone of both legal and illegal people to tax them without law. It is amazing to observe that the citizens of Nagaland have the magnanimity, generosity and perseverance to allow small percentage of the population to utilize 80% or more of the receipt of fund for the State and hardly anything is left for those who deserved. In the process, even the salary components are not spared in the guise of paying tax to Naga national workers which is most vague.
When political solution comes, taxes will be drastically reduced. When so, rates of commodities will hopefully become cheaper, there will be no more deduction from salary component and % cut from development funds will be reduced. Therefore, political solution will give maximum benefit to 90% of the population in Nagaland. However, the remaining 10% will face inconveniences as they cannot abuse their authorities for their selfish interest in camouflage as of today. Therefore, the political negotiations be allowed to remain inconclusive without solution so as to allow the 10% population to continue its exploitation of 90%.
The above are not the only booby-traps, yet, let me not add now for the sake of sharing space. We are in mess and yet who bothers. Is it not challenging to grandparents, parents, leaders and the Church to pass on the existing mess to our children? Why have the Naga Christians become the best spectators?
Z. Lohe

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