Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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The Blame Game

The outbreak of Covid-19 cases has altered the scenario and concept of the people in Nagaland where it evoke the craze over the burning issues to point out and strive the blaming game; from the apex govt and the regulating authorities to the stranded citizens of the land. The voice of citizens latitude over the situation to reproach the work and conduct of the government and partially neglecting the core plight and outcry of the state to fight against the covid-19. Yes, the freedom of speech has been bestowed upon us but are we using the freedom to be the voice of the people who are affected? Are we initiating ourselves to be in the shoe of the Frontline workers? Or are we phantom with the social life to be the kings and queens of keyboard warriors and Scroll down to comment over screenshots, clips, videos and make it the keywords of the search engines? Are we extremely indulged just to criticize and draw accountability in the other way round within the screen? Are we just mend to focus to seek a debate to be the solution of the pandemic situation?
Questions are left to ponder to retrospect and introspect within. One side may win over the another, the debate may go on forever, the unbalance truth may revive again but the prime remains as to who will be the one to look after the soil of the people in this erupted pandemic.
The blame game is here; the mind is set to point the fault of the government, to blame the one who boldly raise one’s voice against the organization, condemn the Centre’s who are working tirelessly behind the curtains, rebuking one tribe and the another, disapproving the hands provided by the churches. Citizens of Nagaland, it’s not time to get ourselves wires crossed nor jump on the bandwagon. A critical phase the land is going through and one should not be a subject to the blaming game at the moment of crisis. For the saying goes – ‘when one catches fire it need to be put off’ as we are well-aware that a spark neglected makes a mighty fire. Be the one to extinguish before the land called Nagaland go down in flames.
Er. Ketusezo Rote, Punjab

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